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Worm Quartet Hair On The Soap: Unclogged 
featuring Coffee and Mrs. Shoebox
In a continuing effort to avoid writing new material by rehashing old songs, Worm Quartet proudly presents the "Unclogged" version of "Hair On The Soap." The original version which appeared on my first album, "Sumophobia," was a high-speed techno thingy. This one features me on vocals and xylophone, my good friend and former WQ guitarist Coffee on acoustic guitar, and both of us along with Mrs. Shoebox on oddball bodily noises - listen for my lovely wife's famous nasal motorcycle - and hand percussion including the back of Coffee's guitar, a chunk of sheet metal, a bottle of pins, a tamborine, duct tape, a makeshift washboard, and a cymbal from my son's drum set.

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2007-12-11 filkertom
Oh, that's excellent.
2007-12-11 Spaff.com
Laughed my anal slope off.
2007-12-11 Alchav
Wow, awesome!
2007-12-11 wildcard9
You broke my brain this morning with the awesomeness of this version of the song.
2007-12-11 devospice
I sing this every morning in the shower.
2007-12-11 zefuldar
wallowing in awesomeness. I like the back-of-the-guitar percussion--and everything else. This should be the halftime song at the Superbowl. --Z
2007-12-11 lukeski
You have now fulfilled your awesomeness quotent for 2007. Any surplus awesomeness must be put in a 6 by 9 envelope and mailed to Bronson Pinchot for him to use as salad dressing.
2007-12-11 JakeWaters
My favorite thing about Shoebox, is that he's always willing to tackle the hard hitting issues facing todays society. Very funny version of this song. I love the original version, but this one is freakin' awesome!
2007-12-11 EMC
Your songs are GOOOOD! This one IS a song of yours!!!!!!!
2007-12-11 LoonieBin
One of the few things I love more than Worm Quartet is alternate versions of Worm Quartet.
2007-12-11 jimmyknocker
Yay! Now I have a new song to hum in my head while my iPod is in repair.
2007-12-12 Molakwae
... Now I'll have to check the soap. Every. @*%. Day. Great song, though.
2007-12-12 peterfump9
Hey why not? It is sufficiently different from the other two versions.
2007-12-13 artpaul
Great Song ! Who would think we would be so paranoid about a hair. My favorite part is later in the song when it sounds like the chipmunks being electricuted singing back up.
2007-12-14 djseamus
Hmmm...this is strange. Hearing the song rather then just reading the lyrics kinda makes it less gross for me. I do agree that a hair on your soap would be less disgusting then one in your Scope....great line, Shoebox. And kudos to Mrs. Shoebox and Coffee to. The music here was great, though I don't hear much xylophone...or cowbell. I need more cowbell! (This cheap SNL refference has been brought to you by DJ Seamus of the "Shillelagh Safari" radio show).
2007-12-17 seamonkey
Of all the rehashed crap on here, this is the hashiest with one-quarter moisturizing cream.
Shoebox is my curly little hero!
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