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Rob Balder Still Annoyed - The Bowser Song 
In the Fall of 2007, the game "Portal" by Valve exploded all over the Great Interbutt. One of the best features of the game is "Still Alive," the original Jonathan Coulton song you get to hear as a reward for winning. Sung from the point of view of GLaDOS, the game's passive-aggressive AI character, it has become a huge 'net hit. Screengrabs of the game's ending and song can be found on YouTube. At the risk of becoming The Guy Who Parodies JoCo, Rob Balder asks the musical question: "Why should GLaDOS be the only end boss who gets a song?"

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2007-12-07 shoebox
"Setting wildlife on fire" plus the Mario Tennis / Dr. Mario / Mario Kart nods make this totally friggin' win, dammit. -=ShoEboX=-
2007-12-07 chewy's brother
Totally agree with the big B. Always hated that plumber ever since he stole Kong's GF.
2007-12-07 DJ Particle
Weird...the RSS feed says today's FuMP is "This Oughta Cheer You Up" by Positude. That's ok though, 2 great FuMPs in one day! Love it! :)

Btw Rob, remember you're not the only one who's posted JoCo parodies. ;)
2007-12-07 scifantasy
I disagree, Shoebox--the winning line, in my opinion, is "Your quest is so right you can't go left." Hee!
2007-12-07 devospice
The Positive Attitude song was a scheduling snafu that I didn't catch because I was out at a gig last night. That song is slated for early January.
2007-12-07 MrTuesday
so, will this start a trend of people parodying Still Alvie about different villains? Either way, great song.
2007-12-07 wildcard9
I may have gotten a bad download, the song plays about 25% too slow (Rob with a deep voice). I had to speed it up to hear Rob sound right.
2007-12-07 lukeski
I'm sorry Rob, your FuMP is in another castle. ;P
2007-12-07 devospice
I think this may be a new favorite Rob Balder song.
2007-12-07 Kristi
itunes isn't grabbing this for me. Nice song tho
2007-12-07 darkNES
2007-12-07 Molakwae
Poor, poor Bowser. *sheds a tear*
2007-12-07 devospice
Try it now, Kristi.
2007-12-07 djseamus
Good show, Rob. The ending's kind of wierd and sudden, but I love the refference to "Doctor Mario" and "MarioKart". I miss them so.....ahhh. Some superb baritone singing as well.
2007-12-07 Voice of Kiki
I've been waiting to hear the final version since you first told me about the idea. I was very pleased with the result. You rock muchly!
2007-12-09 LoonieBin
wildcard, I think it's supposed to be deep so he sounds like Bowser...but I could be wrong.
2007-12-09 Spaff.com
You should get this linked from vgcats.com. Might generate some traffic.
2007-12-10 EMC
HAHAHAHAHA! GOOD SHIT! MArio is all kinds of perfect!
2007-12-13 Hurricane
Multiple bits of pure comedy gold!! Nice song Mr. Balder ^_^
2007-12-19 The Professor
The line about mushrooms cracks me up. You definitely made it to the bonus round with this one Rob.
2007-12-20 seamonkey
Yeah, I'm definitely with the Professor on that one... I was laughing at the mushroom line and I think a few co-workers think I'M on 'shrooms. Eh, could be.
Nice job, sir!
2008-01-05 Rafe
Hey, you're not the only one making these! http://erect-orgasm-science.ytmnd.com/
2008-02-17 Janny
There's a decent music video for it on newgrounds... http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/420808
2008-03-22 Fringe
This song f'ing rocks!
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