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Devo Spice How To Sing 
Lil Wayne's new album The Carter IV contains lots of profanity-laden, mumbled rap songs over annoying beats and, inexplicably, one pseudo R and B tune where he attempts to sing. The album has been a huge success and that song, How To Love, is a big hit.

It occurred to me when I heard that song for the first time that nobody ever taught him how to sing. And thus a parody was born.

WARNING: Devo sings throughout this song! Listener discretion advised.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-10-25 chicagofan76
Ingenious Song...great job.....and yes like Lil Wayne...you can't sing either, but like him you can rap.
2011-10-25 mrwompy
Being on-the-verge-of-being-an-old-geezer, I don't even know the song that you parodied. But this cracked me up!!! Great job!!!
2011-10-25 Insane Ian
Loved this at CotC, love the studio version even more. Some really great lines here...and a surprising lack of autotune!

Also....I've heard worse singing. :-)

2011-10-25 xirkerate
I hadn't heard of the song either, until I followed the link. I can't believe somebody allowed that past QA! On the other hand, we wouldn't have this awesome Devo Spice track to wash away all memory of the original. Good job! :) Like Insane Ian said; I've heard worse singing. Like from my next-door neighbours!
2011-10-25 dino-mike
Wow dude, that was pretty painful... but so freaking funny.
2011-10-25 weirdojace
I enjoyed this at Con on the Cob. It's a very clever satire of Lil Wayne.
2011-10-25 wildcard9
Must not safeword while listening.... Wow, that singing was painful, but so is the original song. So well done!
2011-10-25 Zahooee
I really liked this Devo, but I think you dropped the ball. I could actually understand what you were...singing. I got curious and wanted to hear the original, but I could't even get through the 90sec iTunes preview. At least you can say that you sing better than Lil Wayne. That's a plus, right?
2011-10-25 mrwompy
OK ... I just listened to the original song on Spotify. Then I listened to this parody again and I laughed even more ... GREAT PARODY!!!
2011-10-28 Jeff Reuben
Nice falsetto :-) Your voice is even better than Lil Wayne.
2011-11-02 rachel r
i like it.
2011-11-09 PowerSalad
I will NEVER live down the Autotune comment taken out of context!!! :-D OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
2011-11-13 voiceroy
I am in tears. So. freaking. funny.
2011-11-15 devospice
Thanks for the comments, everyone! And don't forget to check out the video I just posted.
2011-11-15 mrwompy
Great video!!!
2011-11-17 DJ Particle
Zahooee... if it was sung on-tune, the joke would be lost.
2011-11-17 DJ Particle
ack...forgot the winky-face on that...
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