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the great
Luke Ski
It's A Fanboy Christmas II - The Wrath Of Claus 
Back in 2000, I created my first long-playing mini-parody medley piece, "It's A Fanboy Christmas", in which I lampooned many beloved holiday classics via the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and other fandoms, which has since become a top Luke Ski fan favorite. Now, seven years later, here at last is the long awaited sequel, "The Wrath Of Claus", representing more current fandoms such as Enterprise, Serenity, Pirates, Heroes, Transformers, and much, much more. It was released earlier this year on my CD, "BACONspiracy", which you can get at the FuMP store and at http://www.LukeSki.com, where you can also buy downloadable MP3s of the original "It's A Fanboy Christmas" and the Harry Potter follow-up "Christmas In Hogwart's". Okay, enough Scrooging. The music is by Daniel Robinson, with a vinette by Jared Ringold and John Mapes, and listen close for a brief cameo by Tom Smith! Happy Holidays!

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2007-12-04 Hurricane
A great Xmas Melody, I especially love the Monty Python bit. Great song Luke!! ^_^
2007-12-04 saganth
The Wonder Woman part leaves me dying!! LMAO!! I totally agree with you, I just could never to be so bold about it.
2007-12-04 jettabentham
Dagnammit! I'm glad I bought this, but it never fails! Every single time I buy something it ends up free somewhere!!!!!
2007-12-04 SeleneSue
It scares me that I think I understood all the jokes.
2007-12-04 wildcard9
Time to sit back and watch the reactions of a new group of people hearing this song for the first time.
2007-12-04 BathTub
Wow, surprised to see this hit the FuMP, congrats on hitting 100.
2007-12-04 Pennyforth
I nearly fell out of my chair during the Pirates part! Bravo on another masterpiece, Luke!
2007-12-04 Molakwae
I needed this today. Thank you Lukeski.
2007-12-07 ProjectSisyphus
Jeez Luke you must have worked on this for months. Nice job!
2007-12-07 djseamus
"Have yourself a Merri and Pippin Christmas, Halflings full of mead. Second-breakfast presents, mistletoe pipeweed
2007-12-08 JonnySpazzbourne
I didn't get ALL of the jokes, but it was flipping drop-dead hilarious anyway. The 3 highlights for me: 1) The "Exterminate" bit would've had me "ROTFLOL", except I'm in a library right now, so I stifled it. 2) I can't believe you mentioned MST3K!! I didn't think that fell into the same category as Star Trek and such. 3) I REALLY can't believe you brought up Red Dwarf, let alone put in a joke of its catchphrase, "smeg". I thought everyone FORGOT about that show! As a fan of that, Mystery Science Theater, Star Trek and Doctor Who, I have to say there's never been a better time to be a fanboy! Oh, and the melding of Marvin The Martian and the infamous catchphrase of "A Christmas Story" was the icing on the cake (even if that particular movie DID suck).
2007-12-09 Spaff.com
Squee! That's what fanboys say, right? I'm new here.
2007-12-15 Cosgrove
Wow. That was amazingly thorough. Did you MISS anything in that song? Any way, good job. I am somewhat proud and somewhat ashamed of myself for getting all the jokes.
2007-12-20 seamonkey
...and don't forget to buy Luke Ski's "Ubergeek" for the 1st Fanboy Christmas installment! I own both and these are freaking AWESOME holiday songs, so enjoy you FuMPers, it doesn't get any better (or geekier!) than this!
There you go Luke, I got you a shameless plug for Christmas!!!
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