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Moneyshot Cosmonauts Thank U Gilligan 

Five things, Alanis:

1. Here, free of charge, is a title I came up with for your next compilation: Intimations and Releases. Not only is it a solid album name in its own right, it's also an anagram of Alanis Nadine Morissette. Awesome, eh?

2. Meanwhile, this is a parody of "Thank U." It's one of the first ones I wrote [back in 1998, when Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was the cool new thing]; I exhumed it because of the final line: "Thanks, Sherwood Schwartz." It's our tribute: Mr. Schwartz, the creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island, died last month.

3. The vocals are by Cari Golden, whose name describes her voice. She has previously appeared as Pink, Karen Carpenter, Ladies Gaga and Antebellum, and even Snow White. And now she's doing you. Giddyup.

4. All instruments and production are by the uber-talented Bob Emmet. Like you, Bob has an odd affinity for the Great White North. He'll have to explain that.

5. Thank U for not suing me.


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2011-08-26 xirkerate
Just another reason why you rock, Spaff! Is there no limit to Cari Golden's range?
2011-08-26 Jeff Reuben
Excellent send up of one of my favorite shows growing up. And now, which explains a lot. Cari's vocals are excellent
2011-08-26 onib
This was absolutely fabulous! Spot on in every way. Cari continues to astound me with her power and versatility. I like knowing that not only can the gifted members of The FuMP still produce fabulous Gilligan's Island songs almost 45 years after the show ended, but that I'm likely not the only person on here who remembers watching the Saturday Morning cartoon "Gilligan's Planet" (with Dawn Wells pulling double duty to voice Mary Ann as well as Ginger).
2011-08-26 ProjectSisyphus
Ha ha great song, Spaff, and great intro blurb - it was like a trip down memory lane of the Cosmonauts' greatest hits. Now all you need are songs by Sarah McLachlan and Avril Lavigne for a Canadian-chick trifecta.
2011-08-26 Spaff.com
xirkerate: I'm never sure how to answer questions like that: Yes, there is no limit? No, there is no limit?

Jeff: It's still your favorite show? Dude, that's primitive as can be.

onib: Gilligan's Planet?! Holy crap. You win.

Bob: Don't forget my favorite Canadian chick: Justin Bieber.

2011-08-27 SteveHarper
Brilliant writing by Spaff and "Rich Little quality" vocals by Cari. A tip of the hat to Bob Emmett too. I've never given him the appreciation for his excellent work that he deserves. All of that, and historically topical too, with the 44th anniversary of the last first-run Gilligan's Island on September 4th. It fits right in with next week's Musical Depreciation Society show. Thanks for what ALL of you do
2011-08-27 devospice
Ooh! I remember Gilligan's Planet too! I didn't realize Dawn Wells was doing both voices, though. Neat!
2011-08-29 dino-mike
Fantastic production! Another great vocal performance by Cari. And who the hell doesn't like Gilligan? Well done guys.
2011-08-29 ProjectSisyphus
@steveharper: Major thanks to you! Not every day my work is discovered by the Canadian Prime Minister!
2011-08-29 Insane Ian
Do a song about "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" next...
2011-08-29 DJ Particle
There was another Gilligan cartoon about 5 years before "Planet" that was more true to the original series. :)
2011-09-15 chicagofan76
great song, another MSC masterpiece
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