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the great
Luke Ski
featuring Dan of Flat 29
It's a man's life in the FuMP...

This song, not written in the shed, is an idea that languished in a spiral notebook for years. One of the biggest reasons why being that it is a parody of "MotownPhilly" by Boyz II Men, and the last time I recorded a parody of that group in 1997 the results were a bereft-of-harmony, tone-def-parrot of a track. However, my recent resurrected not-dead-yet song ideas which led to my recent FuMP hits "It's Good To Be The King" and "Snoopy The Dogg" made me think it was about zalling time to enlist a couple of talented friends to join me on this holy quest to find my grail, that being the long overdue Luke Ski parody song tribute to the legendary UK comedy team, "Monty Python's Flying Circus".

Sir Dan of Flat 29 - Harmony vocals, British legitimacy, hen-teaser
Sir Bob Emmet - Music, Mixdown, Operating the machine that goes 'ping!'
with Sara Trice as Carol Cleveland

This track is from my new album "Be Amused By Me", which was released yesterday at my website LukeSki.com, available as an instant MP3 download, or on CD with instant MP3 download. As well as all of my FuMP tracks from the past 2 years, it also has new songs about "Chuck", the films of Kevin Smith, and "Red Dwarf". So please pick up a copy today, or I'll have to send Dino and Luigi Vercotti over to drop a 16 ton weight on your head.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-08-05 devospice
The Spam bit is fantastic. :)
2011-08-05 Flat 29
Wahoo, turned out great man! Excellent work!
2011-08-05 Insane Ian
I love this. The music is fantastic. The vocals are fantastic. There's just SO much going on, that I have to listen to it a few times to get it all straight...oh darn ;-)
2011-08-05 wildcard9
Stop it, stop it, this song is just too silly!!
2011-08-05 PowerSalad
Dear Sir, I wish to protest a historical inaccuracy in the spoken section of this humorous spoof, jape, vignette. While Ian MacNaughton was the ultimate director of the Python TV show and the ANFSCD movie, my wife and our au paire wish to point out that it was BBC Light Entertainment executive Barry Took who brought the future Pythons together and green-lit the so-called comedic program. What do you think the BBC ate in those days anyway? Arabs? Yours etc., Brigadier Gen. Power "Nobby" Salad (in a white wine sauce with shallots, mushrooms and garlic.) (Mrs.) :-D
2011-08-06 dino-mike
This turned out really well! Great job. As Ian said, there's so much going on I need to listen to it a few times.
2011-08-06 CaptNova
WildCard9 you bitch. You stole my line.
2011-08-08 ProjectSisyphus
Big MP fan here, so I was delighted to work on this ditty with Luke and Dan. They should include this song in "Spamalot 2" lol.
2011-08-08 Carrie Dahlby
Happy sounds music good ear tickle me likey!
2011-08-22 MarlinsGirl
My hovercraft is full of eels. very excellent MP song Luke.
2011-08-26 Vladinatrix
You're not supposed to be smoking that!
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