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Insane Ian (If You're Wondering If I'm Stalking You) I'm Stalking You 
A few months ago, Jace McLain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap told me he was working on a parody of Weezer's "[If You're Wondering If I Want You To] I Want You To" about a stalker. It seems he thinks Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo shouldn't be writing songs from the perspective of a teenager anymore, especially now that he's in his forties and had that groovy pedo-stache for a while. Jace wanted to write a song that took this creepy factor and multiplied it.

Personally, I didn't think it was creepy enough.

After NBW announced they were no longer doing parodies, I asked Jace if I could take a crack at the song, since his version would never be released, and the end result is here. This is yet another track from my perpetually-in-pre-order CD/DVD Collection "Grand Theft Audio", which I will have out by the end of this year if it kills me.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-08-30 devospice
Very funny, dude! Creepy, but funny. So, when are we going to see a video for this one? :)
2011-08-30 Oliver Mohr
THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! I'm excited, 2 II CD's with Weezer parodies.
2011-08-30 Jeff Reuben
Who are you going to be stalking in the video? :) Funny, well done.
2011-08-30 dino-mike
These are some pretty sharp lyrics dude. Could use a few production tweaks before you put it on the album. But overall, this song made me laugh my ass off. Great job man.
2011-08-30 AiYume
Great song! I'll have to share this with the girl I'm seeing through *my* telescope...
2011-08-31 EclecticLee
Good, but reminded me about of Weird Al's Melanie. In fact, was the garbage line supposed to be an homage to that song?
2011-08-31 weirdojace
Sweeeeet. I'm glad you used this parody. Captures Rivers' creepiness quite nicely. :)
2011-08-31 Insane Ian
Thanks all! I hadn't planned on their being a video, but that may change...

Lee, yes, when writing this, I thought of it as a spiritual sequel to "Melanie", or perhaps, in keeping with current trends, the "Hollywood Remake".

2011-09-01 oddaustin
I remember when Jace sent this to me a while ago. I always thought it was a neat idea, good to see it hasn't gone to waste. As usual gents, great performance!
2011-09-01 jessesmithproductions
Wow. I just finished the lyrics for my September song "Starstruck" last week. I was so delighted and excited. The way I captured the looney mental goings on inside the mind of the narrator. And the music is coming together nicely for my upcoming unique song about ... a guy ... who's stalking ... a movie star ... oh fuck me.
2011-09-04 rick cormier
Great job, Ian! Energetic creepiness. Loved the harmonies.
2011-11-22 Carrie Dahlby
Get out of my head!! This song is stalking me
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