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Steve Goodie My Pal The Murray (The Really Long Lawn Mower Song, which is a parody of Weird Al's 'Albuquerque') 
Now that we have "Twenty-Six And A Half," the Weird Al tribute album which you should definitely buy, it's time to begin work on "Twenty-Six And Three-Quarters," the follow-up Weird Al tribute album. Don't you agree? "If I Could Be Weird Al" by Spaff and Lund certainly needs a home, right? And now there's this new one from me...

There's always been something about "Albuquerque" that made me want to do my own version. Maybe because it's so random and cartoon-y. Maybe because it's so wordy and full of crazy harmonies. Maybe because it's eleven minutes and twenty-two seconds long. Maybe because it would justify some really long-winded commentary [like this] here on the FuMP. Hard to say for sure. But it's been awhile since I put together an eleven-minute song.

And about three years ago I had a lawn-mower-related adventure that simply wouldn't fit into a three-minute song. There were just too many ins and outs and what-have-yous to cram in.

You know, now that I think of it, I've never put together an eleven-minute song. I mean, who would?

Behold... I have now assembled the opus you are privileged to enjoy. Please note that 94 percent of my version of this song is literally autobiographical, particularly the culminating moment at 7:30 - it's absolutely true. Every now and then I stretched 6 percent of the truth for "entertainment value," hoping to instill a bit of that "humor" everyone seems to like so much. But the vast bulk, the remaining 94 percent is pure, unadorned, humiliating reality. That's right. I'm an idiot.

Please also note that the structure of this parody matches Al's song, beat for beat and chord for chord. It would have been really simple to add or remove a bar here and there, in order to make the "lyrics" fit more easily... but no. This parody is true to the original, down to the nanosecond. And there are exactly 682,000,000,000 nanoseconds in this song. So that's a lot of dedication right there, gosh darn it.

As a special bonus, I've posted the chord chart for Albuquerque here. Fascinating, huh?

Lyrics, instruments, vocal, production: SG
Backup singing: SG, Sir Walter Cherry, and Barbara D.
Backup yelling: SG, Jace McLain, and Jesse Smith

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-08-19 maxgoof
Why would anyone in their right mind do a parody of a song that is already funny, eleven minutes long, and fill it with more references than you can shake a stick at? Oh wait....right mind...um.....objection withdrawn.
2011-08-19 wildcard9
Wow, that was fantastic.
2011-08-19 EclecticLee
Bwahahaha! Totally worth those 11 minutes of my life.
2011-08-19 mrwompy
I thoroughly enjoyed those 682,000,000,000 nanoseconds! Your attention to detail was excellent! I could almost identify with this song, except my pal's name is John Deere.
2011-08-19 Insane Ian
This sounds like that song I covered once, only with different lyrics. Excellent work!
2011-08-19 lukeski
Bravo, sir. :)
2011-08-19 DJ Particle
Raise your hand if you experienced this piece of awesome a couple weeks ago when Steve leaked it on his Facebook! ;)
2011-08-19 weirdojace
I heard it before the Facebook leak!

And Steve makes yet another amazing parody of an original Weird Al song!
2011-08-21 dino-mike
Well, that was epic... I've never been on a ride-on mower either. Are they fun?
2011-08-21 Carrie Dahlby
Hahaha. I figured out listening to it that there's no way this song would exist unless it was a true story. So did your kids and/or their classmates see you? :)
2011-08-22 chicagofan76
Instant classic and probably your best song to date. I requested it on Dr D, which I cant even listen to anymore since The Loop dropped it. I can't decide which 1 I like more Murray or Albuquerque.
2011-08-22 nick007
I have only one comment to make on this~ Mowerific
2011-08-26 Spaff.com
I hate geraniums too. I once had an after-school job at a nursery (the kind where you intentionally get fertilizer all over your hands) and I can state from professional experience that geraniums are stupid.

Petunias are cool. Marigolds are tolerable. Geraniums suck.

Also: Thanks for the shout-out.

Also also: Holy freaking wow.

2011-08-27 Oliver Mohr
This is awesome! :D
2011-08-30 Eric Houg
Great funny. The best song about a dork on a riding mower ever!
2011-09-17 erichamion
Why couldn't you have made The Straight Story? I'll never get back the 112 minutes spent watching that movie, but I'll never want back the time spent listening to this!
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