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Sudden Death My Atari 
featuring Worm Quartet
Once again I'm expressing my fondness for classic video games in this parody of the classic Run-DMC song My Adidas. Big thanks to The Professor for once again providing some killer music, and to Shoebox for the co-vocals. Some of you noticed on the last song I posted the ID3 tags listed the album title as Fatal Error. Yes, that is the name of the new album. It's scheduled to be released January 18th. Consider yourself warned.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-11-27 DJ Particle
If this song isn't #1 of 2008 I would be very surprised :)
2007-11-27 Voice of Kiki
Love is a working Atari. How I miss mine. Faux wood grain panel and all. Thanks for reminding me of all the good times. Excellent work. *poing*
2007-11-27 chewy's brother
Dude! cool song. reminded me of my really old school Atari 400 that I had as a kid. I had Frogger on computer cassette.
2007-11-27 Alchav
This is, what, the 10th song you've released since the last album? How much unprereleased stuff is there gonna be on it?
2007-11-27 Derwood Bowen
It's the 9th tune he's uploaded to the FuMP, and Reign of Error was not one of those 9, and neither was Mountain Menace. So this is actually the 11th. That'll be interesting to see. But they've all been pretty cool songs, including this one.
2007-11-27 lukeski
Oh, OH YEAH?! Well, I'm gonna do, uh, INTELLIVISION'S DELIGHT! YEAH! Now if I can only find one other dementia artist who can rap whose parents ALSO read "Consumer Reports" in the early 80's. Damn you Devo and ShoEboX! Why do I have to have such talented friends?!?!?! GGGAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! - - - - - On a semi-related note, my sister was watching a rerun of "The OC" on SoapNet yesterday. Someoneit was playing a video game in the background, and whoever does their foley work made the sound effects "Donkey Kong" for the 2600. That happens a lot in movies and television I've noticed. What's up with that?! ;) - - - - But seriously, GREAT JOB once again! :D
2007-11-27 A-Log
Nice job Devo. You've put two 80's icons into one parody (Atari and Run DMC). Can't wait for the new album! :)
2007-11-27 Cminus
This song is silly. What's an Atari? No, seriously, devospice, I hate you and your amazing song. Did I type hate? I meant love. Whoops, I didn't mean love, I meant completely jealous of. Luke, if I remember correctly, the 90 minute NES commercial The Wizard had a scene where they used the sounds from the Atari version of DK while the kid was supposed to be playing Ninja Gaiden or something.
2007-11-27 DJ Particle
Luke, my parents actually had an Intellivision, and I have Intellivision Lives for the PS2, and I'm on the Blue Sky Rangers mailing list.

...but that doesn't mean I don't like Atari too ;)
2007-11-27 karlap
Great song. I remember the sounds, and my 800XL. Anybody remember Ballblazer? Created by LucasFilm Games, it featured a fractal-generated soundtrack that never repeated. In honor of another Sudden Death song, here's the Wikipedia Ballblazer article
2007-11-27 EMC
Great Job. I love this song very much!
2007-11-27 bd
Wow, Devo, just wow.
2007-11-27 samuel_whyte
Awesome. :) I figured we'd be getting another Sudden Death song soon.
2007-11-27 ProjectSisyphus
Excellent-love the clever use of the video game sounds.
2007-11-27 djseamus
OMG, "QBert" - yes! Q-Bert was my favorite game way back when. Just how old does this make me, anyway? Definately showing my age here.....but I agree with Sisyphus, the sound effects (and superbly written raps) make the song.
2007-11-27 peterfump9
Just freakin' amazing how many classic songs you can do in one year! It's just really unbelievable.
2007-11-28 Hurricane
Bravo! There are many other words I could say, but that say it so well as Bravo!! Well done indeed ^_^
2007-11-28 shoebox
Wow...karlap, you're the second person I've heard mention Ballblazer this week. Had a conversation with a co-worker about that and "Rescue On Fractalus" a couple days ago. I love my Atari 'puter...I grew up with an 800, upgraded to the 800XL and eventually the 130XE (which I still keep set up.)
2007-11-29 budsharpe
OK, this rules a lot.
2007-11-29 kj
Freaktacularly awesome. It's times like these I wish I still had my childhood 2600 or 600XL.
2007-12-01 seamonkey
To put this song into perspective, let me show you the list of systems -=ShoEboX=- rumoured to have:
A couple of standalone Pong and Pinball systems, several models of the 2600, the Tele-Games II, 5200, 7800, 400, 800, 800XL, 130XE, 520ST, Lynx, Jaguar.
Me? I only had a 2600. THAT's why I do incest songs.
... I'd like to know what Devo has as well. Man it sucks to get... consitently schooled by the greatness of the FIDIM bunch! Hey wait! That's gonna be me too! I'm a shoe-in! I'm thinkin' "Tight De-flower" for "Fight the Power", huh? huh?
Uh yeah, ok, so nothing I do is gonna top this. This song will always pwn my n00b ASCII! (See? I'm learning!) Masterful.
2007-12-09 Spaff.com
Yay SD & WQ! My buddy just got a divorce, but he got to keep the still-functional 2600, so he came out way ahead.
2007-12-11 stalkerwolfbreed
Love it! Must have been fun sequencing that! brings back memories...
2008-04-11 devospice
There is now a video for this song!
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