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Devo Spice The Dumbest Song On Rock Band 
Rob Paravonian has an awesome song about how the cello part of Pachelbel's Canon is the most boring part ever written. He should try playing the bass part of So Whutcha Want by The Beastie Boys on Rock Band. It's one note, over and over, for the entire song.

At some point during this song my friend who was playing bass shouted "This is the dumbest song to play bass on!" I was on drums at the time and my little brain started churning. What if I wrote a song that was intentionally stupid and put it up on Rock Band? And here we are.

This song is featured on my brand new album Gnome Sane which went to #28 on the Hip Hop charts on iTunes! The CD is now available in our store here on The FuMP.

And yes, the process has begun to actually get this song up on the Rock Band network, although I will have to change the title to "The Dumbest Song" since Harmonix won't allow a song with the phrase "Rock Band" in the title. So hopefully later this year you too can dance like a pansy in your fancy living room and try to rap in Klingon like I had to.

Contains the sample "Harp10" by TexasMusicForge from freesound.org.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-05-10 oddaustin
Perhaps, but it is also the best song on your new album. I look forward to getting this on the network soon. Great work, Devo.
2011-05-10 maxgoof
I loved the ending. Oh wait! NOW I loved the ending. Hold on... Okay, NOW I love.... DANG IT!!
2011-05-10 gingorninja
Great song, I'm probably going to buy rockband just to make a fool of myself playing this song.
2011-05-10 madmanOTL
Good luck with getting the song in the game. I hope to be able to play it soon.
2011-05-10 wyrdwyrd
If/when you're able to get this on the Rock Band network, definitely tweet. I'll happily trick my friends into downloading it onto their system. >:-) I think, like most geeks, they'll appreciate the self-referential, self-deprecating nature of the song. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
2011-05-10 wildcard9
If you think this song sounds challenging, wait to see what happens when you go into expert mode :-)
2011-05-10 weirdojace
This song is the highlight of Gnome Sane. Most excellent... can't wait to play this on Rock Band. :D
2011-05-10 Insane Ian
I love this song and I too look forward to roking it in Rock Band...
2011-05-11 PowerSalad
The guitar solo sucks.
2011-05-11 Zahooee
I'd pull the Rock Band gear out of the attic to play this. Kid might look at me funny, though. Think they'd let you call it "The Dumbest Song on This Game?"
2011-05-11 devospice
I contemplated that, but decided not to because of Google. People looking up the song are going to search for "The Dumbest Song" and when they do "The Dumbest Song On Rock Band" should show up. If they search for "The Dumbest Song In This Game" it won't.
2011-05-11 dino-mike
This is most def the best song on your album. Well done.
2011-05-13 ProjectSisyphus
Freakin' fantastically stupid, Devo. You've managed not only to parody the huge number of songs that, tragically, really sound like this, but to show what the experience is like from the game player's perspective. If this song were just a little bit lamer, I'd think you could have a mainstream hit on your hands.
2011-05-14 Carrie Dahlby
I freakin' love this song and SO hope it makes it into the game.
2011-05-16 voiceroy
Great song, Devo. My sides are hurting from laughing at the ending.
2011-05-20 lukeski
I forgot to leave a comment saying how awesome this song is. How embarrassing!
2013-08-28 JonnySpazzAlt
Did you ever actually get this song on Rock Band Network? If so, did you also put up a YouTube video of you playing it? If not, you should! :)
2013-08-28 devospice
No, I never did. The company we were working with closed down after posting "Dead Again" on RBN. I managed to get the partially completed files from them of the other songs they were working on. When I get a chance I'm going to research new companies to work with and see if they can pick up where we left off.
2013-08-31 JonnySpazzAlt
God luck with your research. Hope you can find a company to work with you -- Looking forward to the end result of your collaboration wit them.
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