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Dino-Mike Special Day 
This is a power-anthem about two star-crossed lovers that dare to defy all that's known about right and wrong.

Parody to "Like It's Her Birthday" by Good Charlotte.

Vocals: Dino-Mike
Produced Mixed and Mastered: Bob Emmet

This song is featured on my brand new album "Chimericana" which is available at www.dino-mike.com, iTunes, CD Baby, The FuMP and wherever you buy music... PLEASE BUY IT!!!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-05-17 devospice
Easily the most uncomfortable FuMP song every posted. Well done and funny, but uncomfortable. To quote the South Park robot: "Awkwaaaard!"
2011-05-17 Insane Ian
Funny, in a "i shouldn't laugh at this" kind of way. Tho, sadly, I don't know the original (and the band you're parodying is from my homestate!)
2011-05-17 weirdojace
This is one of the most awesome songs you've ever written. Deliciously offensive, the way I like it.
2011-05-17 mrwompy
I read Insane Ian's comment, and I thought "I should copy & paste this!" So I will: Funny, in a "i shouldn't laugh at this" kind of way. Tho, sadly, I don't know the original. ----- Well-done, and funny!! (I know that it would be hard to replace "retard" with the phrase "special needs".)
2011-05-17 nick007
Don't feel bad about not knowing the original Ian. It wasn't one of Good Charlotte's best songs but I still liked it but I like this version of it a 100x more. I almost feel guilty about liking this
2011-05-18 ProjectSisyphus
Definitely pushes the envelope. However, some of us have been riding the short bus for a long time, if you get my drift, so we're not easily offended.
2011-05-18 Jeff Reuben
I put my head down in shame, as I laugh uncontrollably at this :)
2011-05-18 jessesmithproductions
Wow. My jaw dropped open. I actually cringed. Which I guess means "Mission Accomplished." Open question: If Dino-Mike can post this song and the "worst" adjective it earns is "uncomfortable", can I post my song "People Of WalMart" commenting on the common thread of obesity running thru the photos on that website without being deemed "insensitive"? Or is there a difference because this girl is fictional, whereas I'm referencing actual people? 90% of the people seen on the People Of Walmart website are there because they're obese and wear clothing that overtly displays huge rolling masses of flesh. It is what it is. I wrote a song about it. Is that wrong? I got scolded once for using the phrase "obese loser" and now I don't know what to think.
2011-05-18 nick007
@jessesmith~ Perhaps the sideshow might be a good place for for that song. BTW I spent 25months at WalMart cleaning floors; I might love that song. @ProjectSisyphus~ That's kind of why I feel I should be offended by this song but I'm not.
2011-05-18 mrwompy
@jessesmith -- Have you listened to my song "Wal-Martian Rhapsody"? It's on the Sideshow here.
2011-05-18 dino-mike
@Jesse - A comedy great once said "There's no such thing as comedy that doesn't offend someone"... I say go for it.
2011-05-18 oddaustin
Congratulations Mr. Dinosaur Michael for making the song you're parodying look like pure shit in comparison. This is very well-written and produced. Go Mike!
2011-05-18 jessesmithproductions
@mrwompy - Wal-Martian Rhapsody - beautifully whacked, bizarre, like a rebooted Ray Stevens gene-spliced with Jeff Foxworthy
2011-05-18 thedancingbuddha
Loved it. Wrong in ALL the right ways!
2011-06-09 voiceroy
If I didn't know what thefump.com was and someone sent this to me by email or Faccebook and told me it was a new Weird Al song, I totally would have believed them.
2011-07-20 Carrie Dahlby
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