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Insane Ian Bob-Omb 
While working on "The Super Epic Video Game Medley II: Championship Edition" I was trying to think of a good parody of Bruno Mars' "Grenade". There were a few parodies on YouTube already, but none really clicked with me comedically. MusicIAN Ben then suggested this one, and even gave me the first two lines of the chorus. I finished out the rhyme scheme for the next two lines, and then built from there. It was an idea we felt was too good NOT to do.

So good, in fact, that a music video just HAD to be made [Plus, if you're creative, you can re-arrange the letters in "Bruno Mars" to spell "Mario Bros". Kinda.] Since the original video is a few simple shots, making this video with absolutely NO BUDGET was actually fairly easy. Everything we used, we already had or borrowed from friends.

I'm thinking a Twitter campaign to get the attention of G4TV is in order. Please tweet the url of this song [or just the video] to @g4tv or @aots [or both] and let's see if we can get this thing viral!

If you liked that video, imagine what we could do WITH a budget! Maybe you'd like to help out with that by pre-ordering my upcoming CD/DVD Collection, "Grand Theft Audio" at the Kickstarter page for it. That'd be swell, thanks. We've hit our goal, so any extra we make now just goes to making thing look EVEN better, as well as getting the album pressed and printed!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-04-15 devospice
Not familiar with the original, but I really liked this and the video is awesome!
2011-04-15 Jeff Reuben
Sweet video, I like the effects and great lyrics off the original!
2011-04-15 lukeski
Great song, great video! Another epic win for Insane Ian! :D
2011-04-15 lukeski
Great song, great video! Another epic win for Insane Ian! :D
2011-04-15 jessesmithproductions
Holy crap! Now I will not rest until I learn how to mix live & animation. I'm guessing layers (duh).
If you want a boost getting this viral, I'd send it to Wil Wheaton if I were you - 'cept he's a little busy w in Vancouver with Eureka, having fun w Felicia Day. Bastard.
2011-04-15 nick007
Great parody of a great song as usual Ian. Cant help with a Twitter campaign cuz I don't use that or any mainstream social sites but I'll post it on the forums I use. I spam The FuMP a lot
2011-04-15 Carrie Dahlby
Very nice video! It's fun to see your acting chops in, um, action. :)
2011-04-16 dice1342
Sweet! Love the video.
2011-04-17 dlunas
Wow, Insane Ian is getting GOOD. This and a few of his recent things have turned out spectacular.
2011-04-17 jessesmithproductions
Just played it for my 7-year-old boy who's a Mario Wii freak. Loved it. Mario graphics within real footage such a fun, fun concept for a kid to see. Nothing like it on TV (due to copyright issues I'm sure). If only the "damn place" was "dang place" - maybe something to think about depending on your interest in the geek kidz demographic (look out, Steve Goodie!).
2011-04-17 tass8832
Love the song and agian you are awsome i seriously can not wait to get my hands on the cd. you Rock Scott
2011-04-20 voiceroy
Wow. This is Weird Al-good, Ian. My favorite from you to date.
2011-04-20 gingorninja
I agree with viceroy.
2011-05-13 shoebox
...You really do keep getting better, don't you?
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