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Insane Ian The Super Epic Video Game Medley II: Championship Edition 
Last year, I released an EP featuring all video game-based songs called "fairly EPic", which is still available here. The first track was a medley of every song I EVER WROTE!!...about video games. Simply known as "The Epic Video Game Medley".

Basically, I had ideas for video game parodies, but I didn't feel they needed a full song...just the chorus and the occasional verse was enough to tell the joke. Well, I came up with more song ideas...and one I co-wrote with the great Luke Ski.

Because, honestly...they can't all be DiG DuG.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-03-25 devospice
The Mr. Do verse was awesome. :) And it's nice to see the Mario Kart song get a proper release rather than just as part of a hidden bonus track. Love that bit.
2011-03-25 TVsKyle
Nice to hear the segments I heard at Marscon in their proper place, and I agree, The Mr Do verse was rawk awesome.
2011-03-25 Jeff Reuben
I had just gotten "Mr. Do run run run run, Mr. Do run run" out of my head, it's nice to get a new Mr. Do tune stuck in my head for April. Great stuff.
2011-03-25 wildcard9
You had me hooked from the Rock You Like A Hurricane opener, and then you hit me Band On The Run. You certainly upped your game with this song. Epic Sequel Song achievement unlocked!!
2011-03-25 mrwompy
Great job!! I'm not even a "gamer", and I got a lot of chuckles out of it. And you parodied a lot of songs that an old geezer like me is familiar with!
2011-03-25 MrTuesday
Never thought you'd do another full video game medley, then there was the new segments performed at Marscon. Nice to hear them in context, but after 8 minutes of hearing you sing, I have one thing to say. SHUT UP, IAN!
2011-03-25 oddaustin
This is totally rocking, Mr. Ian. My favorite segment is the Fountains one, though I have no idea what it's about. This is a lot better than the first one production-wise, may there be a third eventually.
2011-03-26 terpette
Win! That Pikachu thing make me snarf my breakfast, though. You owe me some coffee, Ian!
2011-03-26 nick007
You should do a CD with full versions of all the songs from both medleys Ian. I would so buy it
2011-03-27 TheDrDon
Okay, you want comments, you got 'em. WTH is this? Can't you follow through on a single idea? Or, too many ideas to follow through on? You lazy... Seriously, this song is FTGDMFW! Nice job Ian.
2011-03-27 DJ Particle
I was going to ask why WoW wasn't included, then I remembered you already did a full song about WoW ;) Love this medley, Ian!
2011-03-28 tass8832
Loved it saw you at Marscon 2011 I can not tell what awsome time I had.
2011-03-28 lukeski
Thanks for including my MarioKart part into the song proper! :D This is an awesome epic win piece of work!
2011-03-28 weirdojace
This is a whole lot of fun. I liked seeing this at MarsCon! Also, I think "Pikachu" and "Gary's Mod" could be expanded into full songs. :)
2011-03-28 Carrie Dahlby
Awesome stuff!!
2011-03-29 dino-mike
Hahaha! Epic doesn't quite describe the epicocity of this song... this ranks up there in "Legendary". Well done buddy!
2011-05-16 voiceroy
Epic, indeed. I would love to hear full-on parodies of any and all of the songs in this medley.
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