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Steve Goodie What's In My Hotdog 
In an effort to come up with kids' songs that have nothing to do with Harry Potter, I got with my buddy Aaron one day. We wrote three songs in two hours... and this is one of them. We're the children's Baldbox -- just what the world needs!

And... the song has already been banned from the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville's songwriter-mecca where I've been the MC on Sundays for three years. To quote one of the higher-ups, "Well, I was pretty grossed out... I'm certain it will be a smash hit with 10 year old boys, but I don't think you'd be setting a very good example for the other songwriters if you sang it [here]. Personally I wouldn't want to hear it... we do make [our customers] spend 7 dollars on food and drink."

Good thing she's not in charge of MarsCon! YEAH!!

Music and lyrics: SG and Aaron Raitiere
Instruments, vocals, production: SG

Video coming soon!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-02-01 minkwheel
I'm going to say it before anyone else does ... This song is a real WIENER A true Kosher assault. Glad you mustard up the courage to perform it for us GREAT WORK STEVE!!
2011-02-01 nimitzbrood
This isn't downloading on iTunes. I suspect it's because there's an apostrophe in the title.
2011-02-01 nimitzbrood
Great song! Umm...why does my breakfast sausage look unappealing all of a sudden? ;-)
2011-02-01 maxgoof
That was... silly. And... funny. And... classic. Great work! Still giggling.
2011-02-01 KingErroneous
I thought it was great, but I must appeal to a Higher Authority.
2011-02-01 maxgoof
No fair referring to Hebrew National!!
2011-02-01 weirdojace
Getting a song banned from the Bluebird Cafe: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

Freakin' sweet song.
2011-02-01 Insane Ian
This is great...which is more than can be said for what is actually IN the hot dog.
2011-02-01 ProjectSisyphus
Moose Colon sandwich @ Bluebird Cafe = $7.00 Having your song banned = priceless WTG Steve Mmmmmm...Moose Colon...
2011-02-01 dino-mike
HAHAHA!!! By far my favorite SG song!!! But this song felt like it had more endings than the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie.
2011-02-02 nick007
You forgot to mention rats; that's what was in em on "Gary & Mike". This may sound disgusting but I'm suddenly hungry for hot-dogs. I wouldn't be surprised if a vegetarian uses this song in a vid one day
2011-02-03 EclecticLee
I may never be able to eat another hot dog again.
2011-02-08 djseamus
Great song, Steve, and a sound choice, I must say, playing the jaw harp in the chorus; if your song has a jaw harp in it, you know it's gonna be a hit (well at least in my mind). I've wondered wondered 'bout the inner workings of hot dogs for a while, thanks for finally dishing out the truth.
2011-02-12 dice1342
ewww...gross.... But very well done.
2011-02-15 voiceroy
Funny stuff, Steve. Great production too.
2016-06-25 saganth
Funny but... maybe should have a "squick" label?
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