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the great
Luke Ski
It's A Fanboy Christmas 3 - Return Of The Magi 
In 2000, I did "It's A Fanboy Christmas". In 2007, I did "It's A Fanboy Christmas 2: The Wrath of Claus". Three-and-a-half years later, the time has come to make this saga a trilogy. As you'd expect, it's another medley of mini-parodies of Christmas standards about some of the most popular stuff from TV, movies, video games, and web series that geeks love from the past few years. And since Christmas is a time to celebrate with friends, I'm joined by fellow FuMP artists Carrie Dahlby, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, and my wife Sara Trice. Music brilliantly arranged by Bob Emmett of Project Sisyphus, with a vinette put together by Dan P. of Flat 29, because every orchestra needs an 8-bit section! So curl up in front of a fireplace fueled by burning Twilight books, and listen to this new holiday standard on your digital audio file listening device, just like your Grandma did when she was a kid. Happy holidays, everyone!

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2010-12-17 scifantasy
Oh, awesome! Listening now. Nice meta-commentary in the opening.
2010-12-17 devospice
I love the Dollhouse verse! Especially since I'm re-watching Dollhouse now on Netflix.
2010-12-17 Insane Ian
Epically Epicingly Epic! Well done sir! So much fanish fun for the holidays...but yes, I'm partial to the video game stuff myself...heh.
2010-12-17 seamonkey
This is g0dd@mn epic! Wait, can I say, "epic"? Ian did.... Still, I find no mention of Hunter, Hampton Bay, or Casablanca... and they all make great fans. (thanks for the trilogy, Luke!)
2010-12-17 Blasted Bill
this was AWESOME!!!! who did the doll house verse? was it sara or carrie? who ever did it NAILED the mona aboud impression!
2010-12-17 wildcard9
Oh no, not again!! :-) You do realize that there is now enough music for an entire Fanboy Christmas animated special.
2010-12-17 wildcard9
By the way, I lost track of the pun damage I took during this song. Excellent work.
2010-12-17 Balder
This one had something for everybody *raises a toast to Little Tony Stark, and the great Luke Ski*
2010-12-17 dice1342
Epic! I giggled like a little girl at the Bad Horse Santa verse, and I loved the Plants v Zombies idea.
2010-12-20 madmanOTL
Really enjoyed this. The people who joined you were perfect for the verses they did.
2010-12-21 ProjectSisyphus
Fantastic job Luke, I loved the Flat 29 bit as well, let's do it again next year ha ha!
2010-12-25 voiceroy
Emmet Otter spoof and 8-bit instrumentation FTW!
2010-12-26 Flat 29
Hooray! Amazing work Luke, have been playing this over xmas - love it!
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