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Baldbox The Island of Recalled Toys 
You know, it just isn't a Christmas special unless Santa is in trouble, and it's up to a certain flying herbivore with a prominent nasal deformity to save him.

A little less "Christmas" and more "special," this mini-musical was first thought up by Rob Balder and ShoEboX in 2007, more than a year before the formation of Baldbox. It therefore probably counts as the first Baldbox song.

Having fermented for three years to a suitable state of ripeness, this final cut now features eye-gouging and knob jokes, and also the towering voice talents of Tom Smith and Chris Mezzolesta. Although they are reportedly pleased with the results, both the Bald Half and the Box Half expressed regret at not being able to find a suitable rhyme for "Rankin-Bass." Suggestions are not welcome, and will be met with hostility.

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2010-12-14 maxgoof
This is epic!
2010-12-14 maxgoof
Spankin' Ass!! That's it!!
2010-12-14 stevegoodie
Max!!! Did you say "ass?!" Anyway... great job, Baldbox. It was worth the wait!
2010-12-14 devospice
YAAAAY! I was totally picturing this as a stop-motion Christmas special while I was listening to it. Somebody really needs to make that happen.
2010-12-14 maxgoof
But Steve, it rhymed!!!
2010-12-14 Derwood Bowen
Very well-written! Awesome job!
2010-12-14 morningsidekick
Wow. Love it. This reminds me so much of Firesign Theater (huge influence) only less obscure/cerebral and more sharp/witty plus ramped-up JPM (jokes per minute). I agree w devospice if this had a video it would slay on YouTube.
Jesse / Morning Sidekick
2010-12-14 mrwompy
Hilarious!!! Great job, guys!!! (Did blow-up dolls end up on that island, too?)
2010-12-14 Balder
Blow-up dolls? Well, in a manner of speaking...
2010-12-14 lukeski
BaldBox was born out of the idea of Rob & ShoEboX throwing something together over a very short period of time. And while I love all of that stuff too, I feel I must point out that this piece is an example of what BaldBox can do when they work on something over a very long period of time. Way to return to the FuMP in unbridled holiday blazing glory, guys. This is an epic masterpiece. *stands and applauds*
2010-12-15 ProjectSisyphus
This is spankin-ass good. Best version of "Rudolph" ever.
2010-12-15 Adam
The very funny Dayvid Figler has a Christmas story he tells wherein he says he is "going to represent the inhabitants of the Island of Misfit Toys in a class-action lawsuit against Santa for violations of the Toys with Disabilities Act." I think he'll like this. I know did.
2010-12-16 filkertom
So proud to be part of this. :)
2010-12-16 Snowstreak
actually it was called the island of MISFIT toys
2010-12-16 Adam
Yeah, that's what I said. I was referring to a comedy bit that, in turn, referred to the original TV production. This song, however, is doing what is known as a "take-off" on the premise presented in the original. Hope that clears this up for you.
2010-12-17 dino-mike
This is the funniest Xmas song I've heard in a LOOONG time. Exceptional work gentlemen.
2010-12-17 seamonkey
What an instant modern holiday classic! I love me some BaldBox!! I'm also a HUGE fan of LandingStripBox and FullBlownBushBox, but they haven't released any instant holiday classics, just odors. :) Merry Commercialism Month, BaldBox!!
2010-12-17 Insane Ian
BaldBox wins for X-mas special of the year. Seriously great, guys.

Seamonkey wins for comments abut BaldBox.

2010-12-18 kobifox
Man, this is an instant Christmas classic!
2011-01-10 djseamus
I wish I had heard this during Christmas-time. This rules, Box and Bald.....keep it up!
2011-10-05 Regel Gumm
"Oompa-loompa scabs". I laughed out loud.
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