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Flat 29 You're an Old Lady (Who Used to Be Hot) 

We've all been there. You're on some kind of public transport sitting opposite a lady of advanced years, and as you catch her eye you notice a certain undefinable quality.. a ghost of pure sexual magnetism echoing through time.. and then you realise - she's an old lady, sure, but she used to be a slammin' hottie!

This song explores this idea in an uncomfortable level of detail, featurng Dan, Rich and Charlie of Flat 29, and beatboxing by the great Luke Ski.

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2010-12-28 Insane Ian
Awesome, as always. Welcome to the FuMP!
2010-12-28 ProjectSisyphus
Heard this in the queue and it is absolutely fantastic. Catchy tune - would be a cool song even if it weren't funny. But oh, it is. I proclaim these guys as the Fab Three of UK dementia. Welcome, lads. I'm sure you'll find a few geriatric groupies here:)
2010-12-28 ldlang
Thanks for the catchy reminder that young lust can be so old. Makes me think of something dad told me 40 years ago, but that is another story...
2010-12-28 devospice
That sound you just heard was Luke Ski's head exploding because he was so excited about having Flat 29 on The FuMP. Welcome, boys! Love the tune.
2010-12-28 mrwompy
AWESOME!!! Thanks for the laughs!!
2010-12-28 lukeski
Actually Devo Spice that was the sound of me Beatboxing. But yes, WOO-HOOOOOO! Welcome to the main page of the FuMP dot com Dan, Charlie and Rich! I must thank Carrie Dahlby for bringing this group to my and the FuMP's attention, and encourage everyone to listen to their podcast "Flat 29's Big Book Of Everything" (my favorite podcast), and pick up their digital albums at http://www.flat29.com . Looking forward to new tunes from you guys in the future! Awwww shucks! :D
2010-12-28 dino-mike
Hahaha!!! This song is absolutely stellar guys. VERY catchy, fun, and uncomfortably true. Welcome to the FuMP guys!
2010-12-28 Carrie Dahlby
Welcome to the FuMP main page! Many laughs, riches and international fame to follow. (Okay, at least we'll have some laughs...) :) This is one of the best Flat 29 songs IMHO.
2010-12-28 BlueSquidDoug
Welcome to the FuMP. What differences (if any) are there between this version of the song, and the Flat Twenty-Rhymes version?
2010-12-28 THE_EMO
HAHA! This is one of those songs I where I couldn't stop cringing or laughing throughout- great song! glad to see you on the FuMP :D
2010-12-28 j2n4me
Whoa! This is great! Solid rhymes and interesting and fantastic production! Thank you for posting this!
2010-12-28 wildcard9
Wow, right out of the gate, we get a song topic that would make Seamonkey proud. Welcome to the FuMP, Flat 29. You certainly fit here :-)
2010-12-28 weirdojace
This is really good! The stroke line got me. Awesome work!
2010-12-28 Flat 29
Thanks for the nice comments & lovely FuMP-welcome all! To answer BlueSquidDoug's question: This song is actually quite similar to original podcast version, key differences are: * Charlie takes the bridge parts rather than me *Luke Ski's beatboxing section *More harmonies in chorus *More backing vox *Scratching and other fx added *Generally cleaned up and re-mixed.
2010-12-28 dice1342
Love it! I could listen to your accents all day
2010-12-28 maxgoof
This has an amazing mix of styles. The beginning, with the obvious sound of a record starting, sounds pure 20's and 30's. Then you mix in the hip hop, and...and I get all confused. And I suspect that is exactly the point, since the old lady is 83, and the singers are (does some quick math) ... TWELVE?? YOU GUYS ARE SICK!!! :)
2010-12-31 morningsidekick
HA. Reminds me of the Beatles "Honey Pie." Recently I was thinking of doing a rap about Betty White, who acts kinda baudy on "Hot In Cleveland". Hmm - replace "Marjorie" w "Betty White" for commercial airplay potential?
2011-01-02 mrjuju
Just a heads up, I used this song in my podcast. I gave both your name and website in the show and release notes, and gave the Fump a shout out as well. If you want to give a listen here is the address (the January 1, 2011 episode has your song in it): http://beyondradio.libsyn.com/january-1-2011
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