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TV's Kyle Snowman 
I've written many, many Christmas songs over the years, I've covered many, many subjects. When I realized I hadn't written one about a snowman, I knew I had to do it. The more I thought about it, however, snowmen lead truly depressing existences. Here's a sad song sung by one of those depressed snowmen.

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2010-11-30 oddaustin
Half Coulton and half TMBG, well done.
2010-11-30 weirdojace
I like this. Austin's right, it's very JoCo-like. I love "funny but sad" songs. Well done.
2010-11-30 Insane Ian
I respectfully disagree. I get the "sad", but where's the "funny"? It's a good song, yes, musically it's very nice...but it's not a song I'll listen to multiple times, or as "earworm worthy" as most of your tunes.
2010-11-30 weirdojace
The fact that the song is sad is the funny. The entire joke is that it's a sad song about a snowman, who's talking as if he's an actual living being who knows he's going to melt soon. Not all humor has to be a list of jokes explicitly spelled out for the listener that say, "Laugh here." Humorous songs can be deeper than that.
2010-11-30 Zahooee
I like this. Sure, it doesn't seem to have the whole "earworm" hook, but that's actually a good thing sometimes. This season is way too full of them anyway. The irony of the depressed snowman slowly melting to oblivion with a smile plastered on his face is truly demented in a way. It's funny in the way that Douglas Adams' Marvin the Depressed Robot is funny. The whisper insult at the end had me rolling. It's funny because it's true. (In a parallel world where snowmen are sentient.)
2010-11-30 EclecticLee
Kyle, if I hadn't heard some of your other, more upbeat songs before this, I'd worry about you.
2010-11-30 oddaustin
Because he wrote one slightly sad song, really?
2010-11-30 djseamus
Well, funny or sad, there's no denying, I think, that it is one of Kyle's best songs to date, not to mention his best accoridion work to date....I love songs with the accordion in them. Great lyrics, Kyle. I think you've successfuly re-worked "Frosty The Snowman" into something that the emo generation can understand; he's an emo snowman; I'd feel like crap too if someone built me out of snow dressed me in their old clothes, and just left me standing there alone to freeze - just an inanimate object and his thourougly depressing thoughts. Your song is also noteworthy for inventing a new insult I can use on people I don't like: "You humongous waste of a carrot"!!!! Can't wait to see hear what you've got cookin' next.
2010-11-30 Insane Ian
@Jace Okay, the irony of a snowman humanized and singing about his existence...yes, there's humor there. I gave the song a second listen, and I retract my statement. Good song, funny subject.

And no, I don't think every "comedy" song has to be a series of jokes telling me where to laugh...but I like it when comedy songs make me laugh. I don't like it when a comedy song instead depresses me. This is why i don't like "Skipper Dan".

2010-11-30 oddaustin
I can't wait to hear the reaction to Kyle's next FuMP: "Inconvenient"!
2010-11-30 TVsKyle
@Austin: That's a joke for 5 people, most of which aren't reading this. lol
2010-11-30 oddaustin
Yes, I realized this directly after clicking this "Leave Comment" button. Perhaps you should actually record that now, so everybody knows what the hell we're talking about.
2010-11-30 TVsKyle
You know, that's not a bad idea!
2010-12-01 SlightlyD
Sigh... to live in a land where snowmen only last a day. +1
2010-12-01 weirdojace
I live in Tennessee so the snowmen here are pretty used to it.
2010-12-02 dino-mike
I like it, it's really cute. Not really seeing what all the conflict above is about... it's a silly song. Get over it.
2010-12-02 THE_EMO
I shall think of this song whenever I hear Frosty the Snowman. Demented take on a cheerful story- I love it :D
2010-12-02 EclecticLee
@Austin, well no, not really. But I do generally agree with Ian comparing this to "Skipper Dan". However I'd say a (real) snowman's inanimateness mitigates it somewhat as compared to SD.
2010-12-02 jessesmithproductions
As Woody Allen said, "Life is divided up into the horrible and the miserable," so I appreciate any take on the essential existential agony of the recognition of mortality. Sorry - was that out loud?
On the bright side, the snowman got even:
2010-12-02 Spaff.com
Damn - Jesse beat me to it. This is a lovely meditation on the human predicament.
2010-12-06 Carrie Dahlby
This becomes uproariously hilarious if you pretend it's on a children's album...
2010-12-06 weirdojace
It should be.
2010-12-09 dlunas
I love this.
2010-12-21 j2n4me
Oh, right, I have an account here now, so I can argue with all y'alls! Not earworm-worthy? It's got the I-vi-IV-V progression, used by Stand By Me and YMCA and Every Breath You Take and every rock song from the 50s! I can't get that accordion line out of my head!
2010-12-26 voiceroy
Sad and silly and such. Well-done ditty, Kyle!
2010-12-26 voiceroy
Also have to add that I listened to this three times in a row. It's lyrically deep -- really puts you into the mind of a snowman...if such a thing were possible. Kyle, this deserves to be animated. It's Adult Swim-worthy
2011-08-24 oddaustin
Why is the rain so wet, so wet? Maybe it's just cause the water's made of rain.
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