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Rob Balder 80s Chords 
On the heels of his rap debut and original song composition, Rob Balder continues his personal musical journey as he actually plays an actual instrument! That's right, authentically bad Yamaha keyboard provided by the magic fingers and extra thumbs of Rob Balder. Vocal help provided by the lovely and talented Janny Hofer, and by the spectacular Amy McNally of filk megagroup Lady Mondegreen - http://www.ladymondegreen.com. Vocals were recorded at Ohio Valley Filk Fest with the technical assistance and kind direction of Harold Stein - http://www.floatingfilk.com.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-11-09 DJ Particle
Awesome! Ace! To the MAX!! :)
2007-11-09 Hurricane
An 80's song, quite the nifty little tune- I oughta get off my bum and download this soon ;)
2007-11-09 MarlinsGirl
that was grody to the Max!!
2007-11-09 DJ Particle
that was grody to the Max!!

No WAY! That was so fresh! For sure!
2007-11-09 hms42
Ahh... so that's what the music you were singing along to sounds like. Nice.
2007-11-09 Molakwae
Now I'm going to break out "Under Pressure" and "Ice, Ice, Baby", just 'cause Rob reminded me of all the songs I grew up with that stole each other's tunes.
2007-11-09 critter42
OK, MidSouthCon can NOT get here fast enough! I am absolutely breathless with laughter :)
2007-11-09 djseamus
1986.....oh man did I ever want to forget the music of this year! Oh well, looks like it's here to stay, and it looks like Shoebox has some competition. Good job with this Rob, Janny, Amy and Lady Mondegreen. I can't help but notice, though, that parts of this song sound like Bonnie Tyler's "We Need a Hero"....because of those 80's chords, need I say more?
2007-11-10 rick cormier
I like the way you blended in bits of 80's songs here. My first keyboard was one of those one-finger chord jobs.
2007-11-10 lukeski
We all just got transported back to 1985! Somebody call Doc Brown! One point twenty-one gigowatts! Yes! Marty!!!
2007-11-10 ProjectSisyphus
You nailed the 80s chords for sure! Don't forget the pulsing 8th-note bass lines too, you could practically phone that part in. Great song, half expected to hear some Flashdance in there:)
2007-11-10 scigola
nice song
2007-11-10 karlap
I remember those years, those songs and those chords -- and the Yahama keyboards. Was that a DX-7?
2007-11-17 djseamus
This song still succeeds in making me feel good all over. Oh, those magical 80's chords, is there anything they can't do?
2007-11-20 seamonkey
I think this is brilliant! I dunno why but this one had me rolling. This is my new fave Balder party tune!
2007-11-25 NakedBrainStudios
so true so true
2008-04-20 happyskunk
god I MISS you 80's cords *heart*
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