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Devo Spice Nothin' But A Geek Thang 
featuring Worm Quartet
This is the song that almost wasn't. I've been trying to get this song recorded for almost two years now but there was always something holding it back. It seemed to be one thing after another. Spice Rack subscribers know the details. I won't repeat them here.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I'm hoping will be my definitive geek anthem. This song is a parody of Nothin' But A G Thang by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg celebrating all things geeky. The lyrics are by me, with a couple tweaks here and there by Shoebox. The music is by Tha Professor, with a couple tweaks here and there by Steve Goodie. Vocals by me and Shoebox of Worm Quartet, with a little cameo by The Great Luke Ski. And Mixing and mastering by the masterful and, er, mixful Steve Goodie.

OK, back to trying to sell my house...

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2010-11-12 Insane Ian
The wait was worth it. This is a big bag of WIN, wrapped in a crispy tortilla shell of EPIC, doused in kerosene and lit on fire with AMAZING.
2010-11-12 stevegoodie
Sweet! Thanks for letting me be part of it! If this don't help you sell that house, I don't know what will!
2010-11-12 seamonkey
Damn Devo, sound like the Micro Machines guy much? That's faster than the exit of the latest Duane "The Rock" Johnson movie from theaters! (Double points for that joke due to the movie title, too!)
Your rapping was SWEET, smothered in a blanket of FRESH, whipped in a blender of OLD SCHOOL and flowing with UHN! SAY WHAT? HUH! WIKKI! BAP! ZING! KAPOW! WORD!

ShoEboX, your delivery was so chill that you were grown with CHRONIC, implanted in the womb of MISCHA BARTON, sublimated to vapors and inhaled by SNOOP DOGG.

And yes, Spice, you're definitively an anthem geek. Is that what you wanted? NOW SOMEONE BUY THIS MAN'S HOUSE DAMMIT!!!
2010-11-12 lukeski
Great job Dr. Spice and Shoe Boxxy Boxx! I can see you cruising down the street in your time traveling Delorean with hydrolics, bouncin'. :)
2010-11-12 dino-mike
There's not enough O's in smooth to describe this song.
2010-11-14 squirreludecker
only thing i had is: Dr Who comes on Saturday nights, not Fridays. but still really good song
2010-11-14 mrwompy
Morse code .... now there's something I haven't heard about in many, many years! Maybe you should send out some "House For Sale" messages in Morse code! 8^)
2010-11-14 ProjectSisyphus
Wow! Devo I think this is your geek anthem. BTW, was that Professor Frink from the Simpsons singing the choruses?
2010-11-14 devospice
@squirreludecker, To give you an idea of how long ago I wrote this song when I wrote it Dr. Who was airing on SciFi on Friday nights. @mrwompy, At this point I'll try anything. @ProjectSisyphus, Yes, that's Frink. Although technically it's Luke. He did all the voices in the breaks there.
2010-11-16 jessesmithproductions
What they said, plus ... EMERGENCY FUNIONS! lol That belongs on a t-shirt
2010-12-02 Spaff.com
I'm not worthy to sniff your packets.
2010-12-26 voiceroy
Where is the "like" button when you really need one?
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