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Moneyshot Cosmonauts Buy Yams...I Said 
In these trying times, if there's one thing the world needs more of, it's Thanksgiving songs. And Neil Diamond parodies. And yams.

So here ya go, world.

This is a parody of "I Am...I Said" - the peculiarly punctuated song wherein Neil complains about no one hearing him at all, not even the chair.

All instruments and production are by the inimitable Bob Emmet. Speaking of inimitable, Bob approached a bona fide professional Neil Diamond imitator to do vocals for us. And I must say the results exceeded my expectations.

Because he said no.

Which means we were able to get Chris Mezzolesta - who out-Neils even the real Neil.

Hmmm. "Neil and Bob." I bet there's a dirty joke in there somewhere.

Happy Holly Holy days!


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2010-11-05 maxgoof
This is....silly! But Delicious!
2010-11-05 MarlinsGirl
Spot on Parody! Great job guys.
2010-11-05 wildcard9
Ah, another great Thanksgiving song. That holiday needs more music for it.
2010-11-05 morningsidekick
Okay, this is so weird. Our (Morning Sidekick) Taylor Swift parody is scheduled for next Tuesday, Nov 9. And I'm planning to take the opportunity on the podcast to mention briefly that Morning Sidekick (dot com) happily links our daily radio prep page (sent to over 100 radio morning shows) to FuMP songs likely to be of interest to commercial stations. The idea is that maybe we can help build radio DJ awareness of The FuMP, maybe boost downloads and subscriptions. Something some FuMP artists might want to take advantage of (especially after hearing the humorous complaints about marketing challenges on Podcast 19 and the lines "You don't buy our albums, and now we're pissed - You've reduced us all to hobbyists" in Fabulist ;^)

So here's Moneyshot Cosmonauts, appearing right before our upcoming post, with a song that has a very, very good chance of appealing to a commercial radio morning show. A well-known song, great musical and vocal production, good impression of the original singer, lyrics accessible to a mainstream audience. Which is what we shoot for at Morning Sidekick, as you'll hear in "Every Other Song Of Mine" on Tuesday.

Granted, not every FuMP artist wants to do "mainstream parodies" that could be played on commercial radio stations - and I can't promise that publicity through Morning Sidekick will deliver $$ results (commercial radio is a tough, tough racket) - but if you want to experiment with going down that road - do what these guys did!

Jesse Smith (Morning Sidekick)
2010-11-05 ProjectSisyphus
Wow Jesse what a detailed and insightful comment. Glad y'all like this. I read the lyrics a long time ago on Spaff's site and new this was one of his funniest ever. The bit about the Neil Diamond impersonator is, unfortunately true. He apparently felt that this song was "special" to Mr. Diamond and didn't want to be associated with its desecration. Fortunately, Chris Mezzolesta
2010-11-05 critter42
That song is awesome
2010-11-05 critter42
I should explain that even the song title has me in stitches. Many years ago I had just received my driver's license and my grandma was making Thanksgiving dinner and had no yams, so I volunteered to go to the store (since it would mean driving!) and pick some up. She told me to get a large can of yams. However she forgot she was dealing with a computer geek and did not set an upper bound on the value "large", so imagine her surprise when I brought home the food-service-sized can...
2010-11-06 davewhite
To call this terrific, clever and a work of genius would be an understatement. Bob Emmet and Spaff Sumsion are the best of the best!! Bravo!!
2010-11-06 mrwompy
Thanks for the laughs --- GREAT parody!! And I actually know the song that was parodied!!!
2010-11-08 shoebox
Funny as hell, very well-done, and very strange. Nice work, guys!
2010-11-08 dino-mike
Really really well done guys. This turned out awesome!
2010-11-30 djseamus
Superb work Bob, Spaff, and Neil....oops,I mean, Chris. :^) This is going on Shillelagh Safari's holiday rotation for sure. Thanksgiving's over, but what they hey? My family basically "re-mixes" Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas any-way.
2010-12-02 Spaff.com
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. You are a wonderful audience. This is a special night and this is a special show and I'm glad we could all be here to share it with each other. I know I'll remember this forever. Give yourselves a hand. Really, you're the greatest. Remember, I'll be here through the end of the month. Come back and see me again and be sure to tell your friends. My CD is on sale in the lobby. Tip your servers. Try the yams.
2010-12-26 voiceroy
I was laughing before I even clicked the "Play" button. There just aren't enough Neil Diamond parodies that are good enough to call themselves Neil Diamond parodies like this one can.
2011-12-11 Dr. Pant Load
I like the grub of Arbor Day the best...j/s...
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