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Tom Smith CYA 
Devo Spice of Sudden Death suggested this one, quite by accident, and it's grown into a monster. Not to mention that it's about as meta as it gets. Special guest appearances by and many thanks to Rob Balder, Carrie Dahlby, Devo, Robert Lund and Spaff, Seamonkey, Possible Oscar, Raymond and Scum, The Great Luke Ski, and Shoebox of Worm Quartet. It absolutely must be mentioned that I did not tell anybody what to record. The only one I told NOT to do something was Shoebox, because he was going to do something cute with HIS kid, but Devo had already done something cute with HIS kid. I just provided a framework; my excellent fellow FuMPers brought Teh Fonni, and I thank them all a lot.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-11-01 Spaff.com
2007-11-02 Hurricane
*snickers* this song is an idea brought to blossom- to say it simply this song was awesome!! ^_^
2007-11-02 scifantasy
So, you pretty much get the entire FuMP Core involved, don't you. (I like the first verse. "Hi, yes, this sounds like 'Piano Man,' I know.")
2007-11-02 lukeski
Rawk rawk rawk rawk rawk!!! :D :D :D
2007-11-02 devospice
That came out great!
2007-11-02 MarlinsGirl
That was hysterical!!
2007-11-02 MrTuesday
I should know better then to listen to a new Tom Smith song for the first time while eating breakfast. Almost choked while laughing.
2007-11-02 shoebox
"Rawk rawk rawk rawk rawk" is a registered trademark of Worm Quartet enterprises, a division of Fox Entertainment. See you in court, cheesehead! Oh, and awesome song Tom. :) -=ShoEboX=-
2007-11-02 djseamus
Yes!!! Another Tom Smith song! (one which mentions the Brobdingnagian Bards even)! My Friday couldnt' get any better! Cant' wait to hear this one. "The fUMP Sept-Oct." is gonna be great, and November-December is probably gonna rock too....can't wait to see what you guys have in store for Christmas 07!
2007-11-02 chewy's brother
Good people save other people's asses..... Then write songs about it.
2007-11-02 Molakwae
I love it! It's like the FuMP version of Tom Smith Disease, what with the various artists comparisons.
2007-11-02 wildcard9
Hey, Tom. Work is *insane* right now and I don't have time to write a good comment. Could you cover it for me? Thanks, man!
2007-11-02 raymondandscum
2007-11-02 filkertom
Thanks to all of you -- and, may I say, R&S, I'm pretty darn sure we don't HAVE a "least popular" member of The FuMP. :)
2007-11-02 seamonkey
Yeah R&S, the crap of the crop designation belongs to yours truly... but the cream... ah, now that's where Tom Smith resides! Thanks for backing us up Tom, I promise you'll be rewarded (in the afterlife, that is)
2007-11-03 Carrie Dahlby
So, which of us have you actually covered for? *raises hand*
2007-11-03 Derwood Bowen
Yeah, I'm up there with wildcard9. I don't know any good jokes that could make a funny comment to this song, so if you could come up with something downright hilarious for me that would be great. Thanks!
2007-11-03 djseamus
Oh man, can I ever relate to this as of late....as a community DJ with a show on College radio I've had to cover for more people then I can count. Your songs never fail to be timely, Tom, great stuff! And kudos to all the other fumpers for taking the time to operate that all-but-forgotten electric appliance of the Twenty-First century: THE TELEPHONE!
2007-11-05 JonnySpazzbourne
A drop-dead-hilarious who's-who of the FuMP cast. Smashing job, one and all! Oh, and I won't be able to record any of MY song ideas for a while, so, uh, could ALL of you cover for me?
2007-11-07 ProjectSisyphus
Tom, this sounds like it needs to be the FuMP all-time anthem. Hilarious, and the answering machine messages send it over the top.
2007-11-10 rick cormier
I hate to ask, knowing the tremendous burden you already bear, Tom, but some of the Sideshow geeks could use help too.
2008-01-17 carlau
thanks for mentioning me, even though i was so lame i couldn'e even figure out how to record a fake answering machine message! superlame!
2008-04-25 elokkin
You can't ever go wrong with meta injokes!
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