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Power Salad Electric Razor Blues 
This is the most deceptively clean "dirty blues" in existence. It is evidently a true story. now DAT's de blues! O Brother, Dis is where I came in!

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2010-09-28 nick007
I sent this to my dad cuz blues is about the only kind of music he listens to besides jazz & he got quite a chuckle out of it & so did I. This is one of the few blues songs I actually like. Maybe you you try a different charger for your razor xD
2010-09-28 devospice
Are you SSSUUUURRREEE this song is about your electric razor?
2010-09-28 maxgoof
I LOVE how each verse gets longer and longer and longer.
2010-09-28 EclecticLee
So sorry to hear about your . . . razor.
2010-09-28 mrwompy
Thanks for all of the laughs ... GREAT song!!!
2010-09-28 wildcard9
Wow, this song is depressing. I need to find something more uplifting, like http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=51
2010-09-30 Insane Ian
Now I'm blue. But this song is fantastic! Well done.
2010-10-01 stevegoodie
That was some of the most powerful salad of our time. Well done! But what are you trying to say?
2010-10-01 jessesmithproductions
Hilarious. Very droll, which matches perfectly w the blues. Reminds me of classic sitcom moments where the character keeps painting himself further and further into a corner.
2010-10-02 davewhite
Creative and original. Truly brilliant!!!
2010-10-03 Carrie Dahlby
(Responding to the FuMP podcast) Have you heard "Devil Got My Woman" as performed by Skip James? It was on the fantastic Ghost World soundtrack. Actually come to think of it, somewhere I have a whole CD of Skip James I need to listen to again. Anyways, great tune; well done as always! TILE!!!!!
2010-10-17 steelbeard1
I can relate to that. I got the MP3 player blues because its battery cannot hold a charge anymore. But back to the subject, there is a happy ending to the story. You can still get corded only shavers, but they are hard to find. They are still available in Canada. A shaver shop in Toronto which is online has a Braun foil model and two Philips rotary models which are cord only. I myself have a web site devoted to electric shavers called the Electric Shaver Page at http://iavbbs.com/gflinn Ghastly Gary
2010-11-03 Barnside
rrrrRight! ;)
2010-11-03 Barnside
rrrrRight! ;)
2011-01-02 mrjuju
Just a heads up, I used this song in my podcast. I gave both your name and website in the show and release notes, and gave the Fump a shout out as well. If you want to give a listen here is the address (the January 1, 2011 episode has your song in it): http://beyondradio.libsyn.com/january-1-2011
2013-08-14 gnomebard
well done good sir. well done. I have to play this on my next blues show! :)
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