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TV's Kyle Apple Feast 
I asked my Facebook hivemind what my next song should be called last Saturday and recorded this on Sunday. The "winning" title was submitted by Rebecca Bradburd, who hardcore Kyle fans might remember as the voice of "Sluggi" in Spookycube and the Quest For Pie. This is a genre called "skazoo" which the Hot Waffles created and forgot about long ago.

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2010-09-21 Insane Ian
This song is pure genius. A new favorite.
2010-09-21 devospice
This song is much funnier than it should be.
2010-09-21 oddaustin
This is your best new song this year. I think the album version needs some guitar, wouldn't you say?
2010-09-21 TVsKyle
Devo, that's a really good way to put it! Austin, I would agree.
2010-09-21 Zahooee
Anybody else suddenly in the mood for pie?
2010-09-21 mrwompy
I was thinking cobbler ...
2010-09-21 dino-mike
HAHAHAHA!!! I'm with Devo... this song made me laugh way more than it should have. Great job... especially for a days work.
2010-09-21 davewhite
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I'm afraid you need to allow the doctor to visit.
2010-09-21 weirdojace
Haha this is sweet.
2010-09-21 djseamus
"Apple Beer"? I know you were probably just looking for a suitable rhyme, but "apple beer" is commonly called (in some circles) "hard cider". Vermont has one brand of particularly tasty hard cider that you may be able to get out in CA: it's Woodchuck's Amber Hard Cider. Mighty tasty stuff that I highly recommend. Also, love your addition of the kazoo, and of course the back-up singer. Apples!!!! This song is SOOOO going on my Fall Equinox-themed show this week; way to go Kyle!!!
2010-09-21 TVsKyle
Thanks everyone! Seamus: I'm familiar with it! Never tried it, though, unless that's what I had a sip of at that Scott Pilgrim E3 party... It was good.
2010-09-22 thekubolicious
Hey Ill make you a music video this weeked if i can its a awesome song! cant wait to see what i can do with it :P
2010-09-23 voiceroy
Kyle puts the fun in "fun."
2010-09-23 TVsKyle
@Kubo: Ooh, ok! :D
2010-09-23 djseamus
"Never tried it, though, unless that's what I had a sip of at that Scott Pilgrim E3 party... It was good". Scott Pilgrim sounds like a heck of a guy if he serves Woodchuck's Amber.....wish I could've been at that party. I'll have to get myself out to Cali so we can hang out and jam together. BTW, were you aware that I am Edward Burke from your Facebook page? I'm the guy who suggested two times that you write a pirate song; either "Coffee Pirate", or "Buyin' A Latte With Pieces O'Eight". Looks like you're compensating for that by practicing "apple piracy". Happy, Belated, Talk Like A Pirate Day to ye!
2010-09-25 Barnside
I'm doing the paraquat shuffle !
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