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Kobi LaCroix We Are the Vikings 

And thus begins a new chapter in the saga of whatever the hell I feel like shouting about. A new song, in the style I've sort of become famous for, the manly breed of Dementia...or should we say DeMANtia?...no, we shouldn't.

Anyway, here's a heavy metal tribute to literally the coolest people to ever live, as opposed to the crappy football team named after them.

By the way, if the Vikings end up going 0-16 because of this song, I apologize in advance. But if they win it all...GUESS WHO YOUR NEW GOD IS!!!

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2010-11-02 oddaustin
Finally, you're on the main page.
2010-11-02 Insane Ian
You are awesome. This is awesome. Awesome.
2010-11-02 weirdojace
This is a really good song.
2010-11-02 Balder
This is so terrible. Not terrible like bad, but like I am in terror of how funny it is. I want to see that performance of Waiting for Godot, please. Maybe with Nathan Lane in it. God damn, welcome to the FuMP, Kobi.
2010-11-02 STrRedWolf
Ahhh one fur on the FuMP... now where's the other one.... :)
2010-11-02 devospice
I so want to scream in my best Beavis impression: "YES! YES! RAWK! RAAAWWWWK!"
2010-11-02 seamonkey
I want to join this band. It'll be like early Journey, with two singers and rock! I needs metal in me squick!
BTW, I'm Dutch and American Indian, is that a problem?
Super-fun song! Nipples knocking down trees always makes me sit up and take notice!
2010-11-02 maxgoof
Thanks for the word of support, STrRedWolf. If I could just do my own backups...
2010-11-02 DJ Particle
Definitely showing some heavy Python influence! I love it!
2010-11-02 THE_EMO
LOVE IT! My face melted off! for the win!
2010-11-02 computerking
Amazing. A hearty congratulations on being able to fit the word "Defenestration" into a song. Absolutely awesome.
2010-11-02 jessesmithproductions
Yes, love the Python influence. "Knights of the Round Table" + a pinch of "The Lumberjack Song" + a pipefull of crack.
2010-11-03 wildcard9
Welcome to the FuMP main stage, Kobi!! Great song to start off with.
2010-11-04 dino-mike
Thine song rocketh my stripy-yellow socks off!
2010-11-04 CaptNova
It has creative use of nipples. -=ShoEboX=- would be proud.
2010-11-05 ProjectSisyphus
Wow, this is fantastic. Hilarious lyrics, great vocals, amazing song. Had to look up "defenestration" It wasn't as dirty as I'd hoped.
2010-11-05 TVsKyle
Kobi, you badass. It's about time you made it on here!
2010-11-06 gpherder
Awesome. Simply awesome.
2010-11-06 joesoda
Excellent,Great Work.
2010-11-07 Zahooee
Truly awesome. The guy in the car next to must have thought I'd lost my mind...
2010-11-07 Insane Ian
What I should have said before is "this is true Ragnarok & Roll"!
2010-11-11 EclecticLee
Went back for another listen after the FuMPodcast. Now I'm addicted! I can't stop listening to this song several times a day! Help me!
2010-11-24 djseamus
A superb song about the little-known lives of the Vikings, both the Ancient war-like variety, and the modern, game-losing football team. I've been torn when it comes to Viking football - my Dad roots for the Vikings, but then I have relatives in Wisconsin, so Green Bay would be THEIR team! I root for the Vikings also because Minnesota is the home of the Prairie Home Companion radio show. Why must I choose? Anyway, in terms of metal, I'd definately take this over the metal music these days featuring, low-pitched, growling vocals I can't understand; epic viking metal rules all!!! Can't wait to hear what you've got cooking next.
2010-12-26 voiceroy
RIGHTEOUS! This is like Meatloaf meets Megadeth meets Monty Python meets AWESOME! Best FUMP song of 2010 FTW! This song should be played before every Vikings home game...well, after they repair the dome, that is.
2012-11-16 chipkinsitka
I being a Viking from Minnesota. Listen to Prince or what ever his name is. Braid my pony's pony tail. Then search out Lumberjacks from Coos Bay. To challenge them to a tree chopping/swagger contest(nipples or axs) Since I'm from Upper Midwest We have Paul Bunyan blood also. No not Oly Swenson king of the great North Woods.
2012-11-16 chipkinsitka
P.S. This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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