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Insane Ian CosPlaying FanGurls 
featuring the great Luke Ski
Cosplay- verb, [short for "costume roleplay"]: a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea, drawn from such sources as Science Fiction and/or Fantasy TV shows, books, and movies, Comics books or Video Games.

The female fans who participate in this activity are of particular interest to Insane Ian and the great Luke Ski [with a brief cameo by Chris Waffle], and their dedication to their craft [and the fact that they bring our favorite characters to so-close-we-can-look-but-not-touch distance] should be proclaimed in song...in this case, as a parody of the HUGELY popular "California Gurls" by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg.

[And yes, I know that similar parodies exist. This is a parody of one of the most popular songs in the country...there are literally dozens of different takes on this. This one is mine.]

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-09-14 lukeski
I can't wait for us to perform this live at MarsCon so we can get a long kickline of all of these lovely characters on stage with us. ;) Team Rockettes blast off at the speed of light! Meowth, that's right! Ian rules!
2010-09-14 nick007
Insane Ian rules because he does parodies of currents hits while there still current(I'm a huge fan of pop music as well as comedy) This song needs a live action vid but do NOT make the mistake of watching the vid for California Boys
2010-09-14 devospice
Spandex line broke me. :)
2010-09-14 terpette
I've been waiting for a good Geek Girl anthem. This'll do. Nice mix, a touch pitchy, but I think it's also slightly out of your range, Ian. Can I be in the video? Plump girls look better in corsets!
2010-09-14 wyrdwyrd
Ian, this song has a good idea, but I'm compelled to make a change request: Please consider doing a re-record of this sometime with Carrie Dahlby doing the Katy Perry part. That would more closely match the weird vibe of the original song, and also, IMHO, Carrie has a truly awesome singing voice. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
2010-09-14 wildcard9
FANTASTIC song!! Now stop giving away the fanboy secrets of why we so love conventions :-) I can't wait to see what you come up with for a song video, so many choices from so many cons...
2010-09-14 THE_EMO
Cosplay girls certainly melt my popsicle... Superb parody IanSki! "Makes me want to watch as she flies away" got me. You've certainly earned that upgrade from the sideshow :)
2010-09-14 weirdojace
Good parody, nice production, and Luke did a really good job with the Snoop Dogg part.
2010-09-14 nick007
I 2nd wyrdwyrd's idea about doing a re-record with Carrie Dahlby. It doesn't need to be re-released for The FuMP but it would be great for Ian's future CD & for a vid
2010-09-14 stevegoodie
Yeah! Great work, Ian! So very insane you are.
2010-09-14 budsharpe
With no disrespect to Carrie and her talent, I would think if a re-record with a female vocalist were to happen, Ian's wife would get first crack at it.
2010-09-14 davewhite
The best I.I. song ever!!
2010-09-14 BathTub
Good work guys . terpette have you seen the Team Unicorn 'Geek and Gamer Girls' video?
2010-09-14 Insane Ian
Thanks for the kind words all. While I appreciate the advice, if I were to have it re-recorded with a female singer (be it Carrie or The Stacey) I would also have to re-WRITE it, as it's written from a males perspective...

Thanks for the comments tho! Glad the overall response is positive! ^_^

2010-09-15 Waffleking
I wont say the special cameo appearance makes the song, but it seems pretty clear from all the comments mentioning it that it does! Seriously though, great job Ian and keep holding strong to the original artistic intent of the song.
2010-09-15 madmanOTL
I could see this song done from the perspective of a fangirl admiring other fangirls. I enjoy this "original" song. My daughter was singing the original the first time I played it.
2010-09-15 weirdojace
Now just make a music video wearing cupcake breasts with whipped cream flyin' out the titties 'n shit.
2010-09-15 Carrie Dahlby
I do enjoy this song! It's brilliantly written and produced! Love you guys! I would like to caution you not to rely too heavily on the Autotune-like-thing... in other words, make sure your vocal tone is still as good as possible (tone is still important even if not in tune) and I suggest not choosing songs that are really obviously out of your range. Just my $0.02! <3 I know my singing/tone isn't always the greatest so I probably shouldn't talk (I suffer from one-take-itis.... too impatient to work on songs for the length of time they deserve.... an exception is "A19" where Chris M wouldn't let me off the hook!)
2010-09-16 nick007
The Katey Perry version played on the radio a few minuets ago & I started singing this version. Lara Croft's Tomb is over-Raided... Should I be embarrassed to like this at 27years-old
2010-09-16 Carrie Dahlby
Lack of paragraph breaks FTL. Shoulda used html, I reckon.
2010-09-17 terpette
One other option, Ian, is just to drop the song down a few keys to get it in your range. I bet most people wouldn't even notice the difference unless they played the parody back to back with the original.
2010-09-17 dino-mike
Great job dude!!! Very funny and well written. Despite the commentary, I think you performed it rather well considering how high the key was. Keep it up man. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with next!
2010-09-19 Zahooee
Pure Genius. Personally, I think it's better than the original. The bit about Spandex needs to be etched in stone and mounted at each and every convention center.
2010-09-20 davewhite
Certainly your best effort to date. Quite enjoyable.
2012-04-05 Carrie Dahlby
Nice shout-out to Donna Noble!
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