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Jesse Smith I Hate The Google Everything Sidebar 
The appearance of this unwanted Google sidebar was so disturbing, I immediately Googled it, LOL. Not only did I find lots of enraged users, I found a Firefox-based cure. Now the sidebar is gone from my life - and it can be from yours, too, if you do as this song describes.
For way too much more commentary on this song, visit jessesmithproductions.com, bottom of the homepage.
To inquire about any aspect of the production, post at my brand new forum: http://jessesmithproductions.com/forum/
No monkeys were harmed during the production.

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2010-09-17 devospice
Oddly the Sidebar doesn't bother me. Cool song, though.
2010-09-17 weirdojace
Yeah, I'm not bothered by the sidebar either. Though it is pretty redundant, considering the exact same options are at the top of the page.

Did you play the instruments on this? There's some good guitar playing in here.
2010-09-17 jessesmithproductions
Wow. I am so not setting the world on fire with this song. (Sigh). When I found so many other angry users on forums who were begging for a way to turn off the sidebar, I thought I was on to something.
Yeah, weirdojace, it's all me. But - and here's the cool part - every single instrument, even acoustic and electric guitars - is VST.
I hope to have more popular success with my next song, in which I rant against the new Campbell's logo, and the possibility that they're phasing out Tomato Rice soup.
2010-09-17 batlrar
... ... There's a sidebar? Wow, I guess I've grown accustomed to ignoring the borders of websites completely. The sidebar doesn't annoy me, but it might have had I noticed it. What freaks me out is Google autosearching when you type. I'm convinced it's a pod person that took the place of the Google we knew and is trying to act all nonchalant.
2010-09-17 dino-mike
This song is really fun... lots of digital mastery happening here. And the fact that everything is VST makes it that much more impressive! But sorry dude, I don't even know what the Google side bar is... I use the little google box in the upper left of my Safari browser.
2010-09-17 Insane Ian
I agree...this is a fun song, but I sadly don't know what the sidebar is...
2010-09-17 weirdojace
2010-09-17 devospice
Jesse, link to this song from all those message boards where people are hating on the sidebar. Just don't make it seem like you're spamming the boards.
2010-09-18 THE_EMO
I like many others have come to ignore irrelevant add-ons, that being said I find this song irrevocably catchy, rhythmically pleasing, and electronically poppin'. "Now look what you've done- you woke up my middle finger..." gets me every time.
2010-09-19 austinwolfclaw
i thought the sidebar was part of google's makeover..... this is a firefox addon??? Weeeeeird.
2010-09-20 jessesmithproductions
Yes austinwolfclaw, the sidebar IS a Google addon - the sidebar disabler is a Firefox addon.

Yeah devospice excellent suggestion - I'll have a cult following!

Thanks dino-mike and THE_EMO.
2010-09-20 jessesmithproductions
I mean, the sidebar IS part of Google's makeover -
2010-09-21 nick007
I don't seem to have a side-bar. Maybe I had turned it off somehow IDK I do have a Google search at the top to the rite of where I enter URLs but when I enter a wrong addresses or something I get Bing search results. Jesse- you should do a song about getting rid of the Bing bull from IE & FireFox. Can FireFox be upgraded after the money is shocked?
2010-09-21 nick007
meant monkey NOT money.
2010-09-24 jessesmithproductions
The sidebar is being selectively rolled out to groups of users in batches - so you may not yet have been a lucky recipient of this free gift. The fix wouldn't work in my latest Firefox version, so I had to roll back - it never occurred to me to update and see if its still there ...
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