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the great
Luke Ski
It's Good To Be The King 
featuring Devo Spice, Insane Ian, and Bud Sharpe
The short short version: Run DMC covers the career of Mel Brooks.

The short version: Recently on my podcast Bad Rapport, I read off a list of 11 song parody ideas I had come up with over the past 16 years that I never got around to doing. I told the listeners to leave comments for the episode telling me which ones they think I should do, and titled the episode "U Pick Luke's FuMP"! In the following 2 episodes their feedback was tabulated and the top 3 song ideas were established. Of those three, this song was the least expensive to produce. Yep, I'm kinda broke, I got a wedding next month to help pay for.

"It's Good To Be The King" is a parody of the song "Down With The King" by Run DMC, featuring Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and covers the career of comedy legend Mel Brooks. That's 13 movies, plus his work on albums, TV, and Broadway, from 1961 to the present. And since Run DMC had guest vocalists on the original, it's only fitting for me to enlist the help of fellow Brooks fans Devo Spice, Insane Ian, and Bud Sharpe of Possible Oscar to give my creation liiiiiife!, as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein would say. Music and mastering by Jam Master Jared Ringold.

The long version: Listen to Episodes 17, 18, and 19 of Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport.

So pass the beans, and excuse me while I whip this out.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-08-29 MrTuesday
The song won't download.
2010-08-29 CaptNova
Luke cool song. It's very original for being a parody.
2010-08-29 dice1342
Love it! Very well done. I cheered when I saw that this was the one you'd picked, as it was one of my top votes
2010-08-29 MarissaGoldmark
Freakin' Awesome Song! This is gonna be stuck in my head all day. :)
2010-08-29 Waffleking
2010-08-29 dino-mike
What Knockers!
2010-08-29 A-Log
Awesome parody! I'll play it this coming Saturday. Great job!
2010-08-30 maxgoof
2010-08-30 Balder
Well done to all involved. This was an absolute tour de schwartz.
2010-08-30 devospice
This came out great! Thanks for acquiescing to my demand to be a part of it. :)
2010-08-30 PowerSalad
This song plays at LUDICROUS SPEED! Wonderful job to all!!
2010-08-30 Insane Ian
One of my favorite songs of yours...and not just 'cause you let me be a part of it! So very awesome. Passed it along to a few Mel Brooks fan sites too...
2010-08-30 cyberwraith
this song filled me with high anxiety (he said, dating himself)
2010-08-30 Carrie Dahlby
Hahaha. I love how your guest artists are all Bad Rapport listeners. Nice work.
2010-08-30 voiceroy
This song was da BROOKS! (Yeah, I just couldn't think of a more appropriate movie reference.)
2010-08-31 minkwheel
I was all set to 86 this parody...but I will give it a 99!!! ---Easily one of the BEST songs you've EVER done Luke! --FANTASTIC JOB!!!
2010-08-31 wildcard9
I give it 15, er 10! 10 stars!
2010-09-02 Blasted Bill
Awesome old school Luke sounding song!! yay!
2010-09-06 JonnySpazzAlt
This was the LEAST expensive of those three to produce? Holy underwear! What sound clips will your NEXT project involve? The entire original Star Wars movie?

At any rate, this was an awesome track. Loved the Naked Gun reference as well as the ending.
2010-09-19 Barnside
Springtime for Luke Ski and ....
2010-09-21 djseamus
A fitting tribute to all things Mel Brooks-ish. Way to go, Luke-Ski and Co.!!!! Nice "Twelve Chairs" reference: "Two Russians, one ruble"). Didn't think anybody watched that movie anymore, but you should've had Dom Delouise from that movie saying "Yah, Yah, Yah"! on the hill-side with the chair.
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