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Insane Ian MvL 
featuring Odd Austin and TV's Kyle
Sibling rivalry exists in all walks of life -- even video games. No longer content to staying in Mario's shadow, Luigi strikes out against his more recognizable bro. Featuring Odd Austin of Rycehat as Luigi and a special appearance by TV's Kyle who not only helped arrange the music, but also provides the best Wario impression this side of Charles Martinet himself.

From Insane Ian's new CD, The Last Arcade

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-08-06 weirdojace
One of the high points of The Last Arcade. Nice job, guys.
2010-08-06 MrTuesday
One of my favorite tracks from Last Arcade. Mario vs Luigi - Mario wins. However, if this was Mario vs WeeGee, that'd be a different story.
2010-08-06 devospice
That is a scarily accurate Wario impression.
2010-08-06 MarissaGoldmark
This song is made of WIN! :D
2010-08-06 DrVern
Doesn't get any better than this...amazing
2010-08-06 stevegoodie
Awesome! For the WEEEN! You know, I think all hip-hop should incorporate 80's video game music. I'd be an instant fan!
2010-08-06 weirdojace
You should check out the chiptune music scene.
2010-08-06 EMC
That was awesome
2010-08-07 squirreludecker
did luigi forget about Luigi's Mansion? he got a vacuum and everything
2010-08-07 Insane Ian
@squirreludecker Mario mentions that in his Luigi-defeating final verse...

And thankfully, neither mentions Mario's Hotel...

2010-08-07 dino-mike
Wow, that was freaking awesome. Well done Ian... and that's a SICK Mario impression.
2010-08-09 Andreg
That was wonderful. I love me some old school video games.
2010-08-09 morningsidekick
Ha! I was excited to play this for my SMB2-Wii addicted kidz, then I hit Verse 2. Oh, well. Very funny. The tempo change at Verse 3 cracked me up. BTW, the Mario impression is also a spot-on Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
2010-08-09 Insane Ian
@morningsidekick Well, how else are they gonna learn about the birds & the bees? Video games have taught me everything I've ever known! ;-)
2010-08-10 nick007
@InsaneIan~ I don't think this is something you'd want to brag about xD but this is a good song & your both your CDs are really good
2010-08-13 JonnySpazzAlt
Your link isn't letting me download the song. It just takes me to some white screen with a gray bar and there's nothing about saving or anything. When I click the one button, It just says I can only save it if I have Quicktime Pro. What gives, man?
2010-08-14 Insane Ian
Is it doing that for EVERY song? Try right clicking and "save as" on the download button...not sure what the problem could be.
2010-08-14 devospice
@ JonnySpazzAlt Right-click on the Download button and choose "Save link as" or "Save target as" depending on your browser. If you can't get it working email me at support@fidim.com.
2010-08-31 voiceroy
Tip o'the hat to ian and friends for a fun track.
2010-09-06 JonnySpazzAlt
Thanks for the help, Ian and devospice! Even got to try it out on Luke Ski's "It's Good To Be The King" and it worked just fine.
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