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Worm Quartet My Apologies 
Everyone talks about how everything sucks, but nobody ever takes responsibility for their own contributions toward this sad state. On a side note, I think I've been listening to too much King Missile lately.

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2007-10-23 madmanOTL
I apologise for leaving this comment.
2007-10-23 Derwood Bowen
When it comes to going against society, that's right up on the all-time hit list! Nicely done!
2007-10-23 wildcard9
I apologise for listening to this song and buying Worm Quartet CDs.
2007-10-23 BathTub
I apologise that I am at work and haven't been able to listen to this yet.
2007-10-23 lukeski
I apologize that I couldn't think up a better comment to make than to do the same thing everybody else was doing.
2007-10-23 weirdojace
King Missile is awesome and so are you.
2007-10-23 samuel_whyte
I apologize for thinking that this song kicks ass.
2007-10-23 LoonieBin
I apologize...for whatever it is I did now...
2007-10-23 djseamus
I just had a cavity filled today....I'm terribly sorry for this. I also just heard an awesome new bit o' fun on the Fump, I humbly apologize for my giddy amusement. I know I shouldn't be this excited for a Fump posting, but I am. I'll put in some extra time at the office to make up for this. Good stuff, Shoebox! Ooops, I just used the words "great" and "stuff". Please forgive me.
2007-10-23 TonyGoldmark
Apology accepted. See, was THAT so hard?
2007-10-23 DJ Particle
I apologize for taking my yogurt, yeah you know the kind, the one where all the strawberry settles to the bottom and you just can't get to it no matter how much you mix it up, and you get really angry and decide to throw it against the wall, making a mess of sticky yogurt clumps all over the kitchen while you scream and rant and rave until your neighbors complain and call the cops on you and get you taken away to Shady Acres with the straitjacket tied so tight that it cus off your circulation and you start to lose brain cells from the blood loss and then you--- wait, what was I talking about again?
2007-10-23 Balder
"Apology accepted. See, was THAT so hard?" This, in the total context of all things in the Universe, wrong and right, is the funniest comment ever posted.
2007-10-24 djseamus
Oh, and Shoebox, before I forget: it's "colander", not "culinder". No need to apologize for this, though, spelling does not count here. Have a nice day!
2007-10-24 zefuldar
That was the most long-winded apology ever. Thanks. Next time stick with "Sorry!" Oh, and I apologize for being a dick, it's everyone else's fault. I am a product of my environment (and drugs). But mostly the drugs. Oh, and bad relationships. But I only got into those because of the drugs. And don't even get me started on my anger management problems. I SAID DON'T GET ME FREAKIN STARTED.
2007-10-25 saganth
I'm dreadfully sorry for laughing my #&%@ing ass off that this hysterically funny... song? Performance piece? Whatever it is. Escpecially the mayonaisse, Saskatchewan, equipment and toothpaste-derived things.
2007-10-25 artpaul
I don't understand why you want to apoligise for drinking Cranberry Juice but I did have a question was it really cranberry juice or was it Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail which is actaully cranberry drink. Okay with that said I think the song is too weird for my taste but maybe I'll check it out when I'm more frustraighted at something and get a good laugh out of it.
2007-10-26 BobG
WHat can I say.... I'm Canadian! Apologies are a way of life!
2007-10-26 shoebox
...I wrote something that's too weird for Art Paul Schlosser?!?!?!?!? HA! IN YOUR FACE, REALITY!!! -=ShoEboX=-
2007-10-26 seamonkey
I apologize for NOTHING! NOTHING, you hear!
Well, aside for Sunday, November 11th, 2007... the day after my last set at Con on the Cob. I'm sure I'd have to eventually, so why not now?
But I'll NEVER apologize for loving Worm Quartet!
2007-10-26 jimmyknocker
I apologize for collecting Supergirl comics, getting candy for the Accounting staff, going on Weight Watchers, my mom breaking her leg, and the current state of politics, both local and national.
2007-10-26 DJ Particle
I *love* Supergirl!! As long as she's Kara Zor-El, any other "Supergirl" is a fake and not to be trusted IMHO!! ;)
2007-10-28 budsharpe
Never apologize for using punctuation; it is the cornerstone of civilization.
2007-10-29 shoebox
I liked Peter David's Supergirl. -=ShoEboX=-
2007-10-29 Molakwae
I COULD say I'm sorry I was late in listening to this and for having, in my past, heard the Canadian radio broadcasts of "the Champ," but I'm not, and that's okay, because it's not something about which I feel anyone should feel ashamed. I liked it. Reminded me of Chris Farley.
2007-11-02 chewy's brother
I apologize from attending FuMP artist concerts and listening to funny music. I also apologize for wanting to attend Nipplepalooza III. I could go on, but then I would have to apologize for wasting your precious time.
2007-11-02 ProjectSisyphus
What a nice song! I'm sorry I hadn't noticed it earlier. No, really, I am!
2007-11-10 rick cormier
I listened to this a few days ago and loved it! Just noticed I never left a comment. I'm sorry.
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