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Steve Goodie Black Water (BP Version) 
So maybe you've heard that there's this oil spill thing going on in the Gulf of Mexico. But don't worry: "The ocean will take care of this on its own," according to Rush Limbaugh. "It's natural. It's as natural as the ocean water is."

In Rush's defense, he's only marginally stupider than most people when it comes to proposing solutions. In fact, since some of BP's actions indicate that they're smoking something, their team really should be renamed the Doobie Brothers.

As you ponder whether that name has been used before, here's a parody of - you guessed it - "Black Water."

The video of this can be seen at SteveGoodie.com.

Many thanks to the staggeringly brilliant Spaff, a god among men, for the song's concept and for collaborating on the lyrics. And for writing every word of this description.

Concept and lyrics: Steve Goodie and M. Spaff Sumsion
Fiddle: Tim Lorsch
Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and production: Steve Goodie

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2010-06-08 oddaustin
2010-06-08 Balder
That rondo part at the end just busted me up laughing.
2010-06-08 nick007
I live in Louisiana & a couple days I smelled oil outside. BP building is down the road from my house & apparently they are spending all their time in the building instead of going out there & doing any clean up. When the vid comes out; I'll link it where I can. Have you considered about doing a benefit concert here?(I can hope)
2010-06-08 PowerSalad
"Brilliance! That's all I can say! Sheer unadulterated brilliance!" - Wile E. Coyote
2010-06-08 devospice
*stands and applauds* You really outdid yourself on this one, Steve. Brilliant.
2010-06-08 rick cormier
The entire song floored me but, as Rob Balder said, the rondo was fantastic! I purposely avoided reading the lyric on my first play-through, so as not to ruin the surprise factor. Once again, choosy authors choose Spaff.
2010-06-08 weirdojace
2010-06-08 lukeski
Excellent! :)
2010-06-08 mrwompy
Man ... what a GREAT parody! I laughed through the whole song!!!
2010-06-08 ProjectSisyphus
Exceedingly well written and played. Really sounded like the original and the lyrics are hilarious, albeit in a sad way. This is Steve's best since "Tweeting On A Jet Plane."
2010-06-08 djseamus
Steve-G does it again. This is slick, man!
2010-06-09 Barnside
Redundantly awesome. I would like to see this gem on the next FuMP CD for May - June 2010. Has my vote for #1 Revenge of the Particle & Dr. D. Show.
2010-06-09 Barnside
... and yes it's sad. Through humor a message may generate a greater consciousness of what we are doing to our only home. We can't pack up and move elsewhere. We are the "stewards of the planet."
2010-06-10 filkertom
Jayzus god, this is fantastic. I am in awe of the lyrics, guys. I mean, it's all great -- musically tight as usual, excellent vocals, Steve, but... DAMN.
2010-06-10 oddaustin
Again, this is amazing. Also, check this out.
2010-06-11 Vladinatrix
Wow. I haven't liked a song so much since Gamer Funk game out. This will be played heavily on my show! -- DJ Vlad
2010-06-11 stevegoodie
Thanks everyone... Spaff and I really appreciate it. Don't forget to look at the video here. Newsweek says, "It's almost as good as that BP coffee video."
2010-06-11 Carrie Dahlby
Hahaha. Oh wow. I groaned just reading the title. I really love both the original and your parody. You've rocked the mother-fumpin' house once again, Steve Goodie and Spaff!
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