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TV's Kyle Turtle Riding a Dog 
B-52s songs can be about anything, really. Features Lindsay Smith on girly vocals and saxomophone and Odd Austin on gee-tars.

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2010-06-11 nick007
This sounded a lot like the B-52s. Great Job Kyle! I wonder if Family Guy will ever do something about this song. Peter sang Rock Lobster & they did have a snail ridding a turtle. We need to make this song popular
2010-06-11 morningsidekick
Not being a Family Guy watcher, I was completely disoriented (not a bad thing). Then I read nick007's comment. Whew! So bizarre. Altho, come to think of it, didn't I see a turtle riding a dog on AFV?
"There ain't no drain they can't unclog"? WTF?? Hilariously desperate rhyming!
Bonus points for calling it a saxomophone.
2010-06-11 weirdojace
I don't like the B-52s but that was pretty damn catchy.
2010-06-11 Blasted Bill
When I heard the 1st few notes I thought it was another "Love Shack" parody and to be honest was kind of like "*sigh* another love shack parody, just what we need, let see if they can do anything interesting with it." As the intro went on, I kept going "this is the worst parody ever, it sounds nothing like love shack and getting worse." The when the actual song started I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a style parody. You did a damn good job at getting their sound down and a very entertaining song. Defiantly something i'm adding to my "dementia dance music" list. Also, it's interesting to note that the male singer sounds almost exactly like heywood banks. The actual very 1st thing i thought was "Heywood's on the Fump??!?!?"
2010-06-11 THE_EMO
2010-06-11 Balder
I once was at a friend's house and he was playing a song I had never heard before. It was catchy. I commented, "I don't know who this is, but they're heavily influenced by the B-52s." It was the B-52s. So I don't know who did this fairly epic style parody of the B-52s, but they were heavily influenced by TV's Kyle.
2010-06-11 Insane Ian
TV's Kyle once again proves that everything he does makes me smile and wish I had thought of it first...

Kyle, you're my hero.

2010-06-11 rick cormier
The Miss Daisy line (among others) was GREAT! Had me smilin' all the way through.
2010-06-12 dino-mike
Hahaha, wow that was fun... and strange =)
2010-06-13 mrwompy
Great style parody! And definitely strange ... 8^)
2010-06-14 DJ Particle
Listening to the song makes me want to envision the title. I can see the dog with the turtle on its back in my head.

...and it won't leave my head!! OH DOG AND TURTLE, WHY DO YOU HAUNT ME SO!!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! I SAW IT!!! I CAN'T UNSEE IT!!!! AND I LIKE IT!!!! O.O
2010-06-18 djseamus
Sure to be "The catchiest song you never knew you liked so much" of Summer 2010. Great imagry, killer puns, and kickin' rhymes. Oh Kyle of the TV, I bow down to you. Have an iced peppermint coffee on me!
2010-06-30 voiceroy
It's like YouTube for my ears! Super silly and fun and funny, just like the B-52's. Thank you, TV's Kyle and his turtle friends!
2011-01-02 mrjuju
Just a heads up, I used this song in my podcast. I gave both your name and website in the show and release notes, and gave the Fump a shout out as well. If you want to give a listen here is the address (the January 1, 2011 episode has your song in it): http://beyondradio.libsyn.com/january-1-2011 By the way, this and Apple Feast have been stuck in my head for almost a month now. Thanks... ;)
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