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Morning Sidekick Go Commando 
Parody of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro".

Er, it's about ... eh, a girl who ... doesn't ... oh MUST we write a description?

"Fear The Beaver" image used with permission of Ninja Beaver Studios, http://ninjabeaver.net

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2010-06-04 nick007
that was short & sweat but I'd rather see a different beaver pic thou this one is pretty kewl
2010-06-04 devospice
Welcome aboard, guys! Love the tune. :)
2010-06-04 THE_EMO
Underwear is for conformists.
2010-06-04 morningsidekick
Yeah nick007, when I googled "soldier beaver" I got quite a few images to choose from ... but this didn't seem like that kind of website ... Thanks for letting us join the club!
2010-06-04 nick007
^^^I was just messing xD I'm not familiar with Ninja Beaver Studios but I mite have to look em up. I've heard the My Cubical song before & I'm looking forward to some more stuff
2010-06-05 ProjectSisyphus
I like! But sorry, it's been done: http://www.thefump.com/side.php?id=83
2010-06-05 Balder
The "ninja" thing's been done before, too. http://www.thefump.com/lyrics.php?id=1108 Also, the "beaver" thing. http://www.thefump.com/side.php?id=470 And I am pretty sure I have seen the "the" thing a lot before. And before any of those? Simpsons did it! *cough* Sorry. I mean, welcome to the FuMP!
2010-06-05 Spaff.com
Nice job, dudes. Welcome.

This makes me wanna do "(Don't Fear) The Beaver."

2010-06-05 nick007
^^^ "(Don't Fear) The Beaver." sounds like a great idea Spaff. BTW I have a couple ideas for songs if anyone's interested in hearing em like an Eric Clapton parody about King Of The Hill called Propane. This place really should have a message-board
2010-06-07 devospice
It's on my to-do list, along with a buttload of other things.
2010-06-07 morningsidekick
Thanks Spaff. Your stuff blows me away. So impressed by the "Everything" video. Great cost/value ratio. Special Bonus: It has amazing lighting!
Re: all the "done before" comments - I hope you're not saying there can be "enough" songs about female crotches!
2010-06-07 rick cormier
Thanks to Rob Balder for recognizing my "Commando" parody but, only the titles and themes are similar. My parody features Arnold Swarzenegger extolling the joys of going Commando, while yours has a woman doing it. Since I hold no claim over the act of going Commando or the word for it and, since the parodies are to different songs, I too welcome you to the FuMP.
2010-06-07 rick cormier
Also, the link Rob put in seems to be broken, my song can be heard here: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=5876255
2010-06-08 Blasted Bill
I love parodies of awesome hip hop songs! Now I just need some where to hold a Dementia Dance to play them at ):
2010-06-09 Barnside
Very well done. Welcome to the Fump! "Parody's the Highest Form of Flattery." - always :)
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