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Tom Smith Garlic Is For Lovers 
Just in time for Sweetest Day, the most noxious made-up-for-marketing holiday in existence, is this little ballad about knowing when it's TRUE love.

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2007-10-19 lukeski
Bravissimo! :D
2007-10-19 djseamus
What, no lyrics? I'm at a computer that doesn't have sound right now, so I can't tell if it's "Garlic", or really "Garlique". Fortunately, though, it looks like the Fump certainly won't attract vampires this Halloween thanks to the great Tom Smith!
2007-10-19 yoyogod
nice one Tom!
2007-10-19 DJ Particle
**Emi munchies on some Garlic** :)
2007-10-19 DJ Particle
and also... GARLIC IS THE NEW BACON!!! *runs away*
2007-10-19 Molakwae
Like garlic, significant others will either love this song or cringe. In other words, it's perfect! I love garlic and Tom Smith!
2007-10-20 peterfump9
This song is making me hungry! Thanks.
2007-10-22 djseamus
Ah Grazi, grazi (thank you) Signore Smith for this delicioso song! As they say in Spanish; "me gusta su cancion". (I like your song). My favorite line has to be: "Cayenne and cumin's for ordinary humans".
2007-10-22 filkertom
Thanks, DJ. I worked pretty hard on that verse, actually -- seriously, sitting here with my Cook's Illustrated Spices 101 article at the ready....
2007-10-23 Derwood Bowen
This song reminded me so much of when I took my friend Deanna out to Spaghetti Warehouse, even if we are just friends. (Spaghetti Warehouse is a restaurant, BTW). I'm gonna have to play this for her...
2007-10-23 seamonkey
Dearest TS,
How magnificently diverse you are! Rapping on a Seamonkey song (ahhhh... ahhh... aaaacheckitout! Whew, bless me!) and now a song that's sure to be featured on the inevitable "Lady and the Tramp 3: Tramped in the Hood"... ah Disney!
I do need to let you know, when my daughter and I went for a little outing Saturday we listened to this fine song, which she sings nightly at the dinner table while my love and I scarf down obsene amounts of vampire-repellant!
Way to raise a stink, Tom... a good stink!
2007-11-01 VeroniqueChevalier
Haha! Ghoultide Greetings to All. I promise Monsieur Tom will have competition on November 10th when my twisted new Gothic Comedy song Vampire Surprise makes it's FUMP debut. It was the recipient of First Place in this year's Mad Music Archive Halloween Song Contest here: http://www.themadmusicarchive.com/halloween-contest.aspx?cmd=results In a way it, could be considered a postlogue to "Garlic Is For Lovers". If you'd like to preview it before it is posted up here, try listening here: MySpace.com/PolkaHauntUs It is a song that really cooks. Literally... ;-)
2008-01-23 djseamus
"Head Chef" Tom Smith's "Garlic" song will be featured on "Shillelagh Safari: the Valentine edition"- Friday, Feb. 8th at 8:00pm http://www.wwpv.org/ 'Cause nothin' says "I want to kiss you" more then a big 'ol clove of garlic!
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