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Moneyshot Cosmonauts Smells Like Karen Carpenter 
One of the tragedies of the premature deaths of Kurt Cobain and Karen Carpenter is that the hotly anticipated KC/KC collaboration never occurred. We've all been left to dream: What if Kurt Cobain had written lyrics for the Carpenters?

The dream is over! Here's a parody of the Carpenters' "Top of the World" with lyrics adapted from Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - with dollops of "All Apologies," "Come As You Are," "Heart-Shaped Box," and "In Bloom." At last.

Oh and hey: This song won the Comedy/Novelty category of the 2011 International Songwriting Competition and Outstanding Parody Song in the first-ever Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music.

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrical gerrymandering
Cari "Karen" Golden: Lead and backing vocals
Chris "Richard" Mezzolesta: Backing vocals
Bob "The Builder" Emmet: All instruments, production, and mixing

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-06-29 Insane Ian
This is genius, down to the very last note.

Seriously. AMAZING.

2010-06-29 oddaustin
The contrast is pretty brilliant. Also, production is amazing as usual Mr. Emmet.
2010-06-29 deanmiller
Totally bizarre and yet puts a smile on my face.
2010-06-29 stevegoodie
YES! YES!! YES!!! Absolutely fantastic. This is comedy music. It's comedy, with music. It's music, with comedy. It's BOTH!!! It's amazing! There should be a website just for this sort of thing!!
2010-06-29 BathTub
Wow, totally not what I was expecting, quite interesting.
2010-06-29 filkertom
"Amazing" seems to be the word, and deservedly so. Superb vocals, Cari!
2010-06-29 ladyomniscience
That disturbs me. But, you know, in a good way.
2010-06-29 rick cormier
There is no better parody author in the world today, in my humble opinion. Combine that with excellent musicians and vocalists and, pieces like this are the result. Thanks for making me smile once again, Matt!
2010-06-29 Spaff.com
Thanks for the warm-fuzzy comments, y'all. And many thanks to Bob, Cari, and Chris for their jaw-dropping talents. I told Bob that even if I were the only one who loved this, that would be OK because I would love it enough for everyone. So I'm glad others dig it too; that eases my burden.

Rick: I suspect that my mom hacked into your account and left that comment - because of the compliment and because of the "Matt." (That's what she calls me. My friends call me Spaff.)

RIP, KC & KC. And please take extra care of yourself, Kelly Clarkson.

2010-06-29 Balder
Yeah I am going to echo all the "amazings" and perhaps bump it to "astounding."
2010-06-30 voiceroy
...and I bump this from "astounding" to "effing brilliant." When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be some kind of demented musical commentary on the state of Karen Carpenter's corpse. Thank you for the pleasant surprise that it was not. And Cari's vocals are indeed "Golden."
2010-06-30 chriswaffle
Wow. This gets the Chris Waffle Seal of Approval!
2010-07-01 MarissaGoldmark
Incredible. :)
2010-07-03 THE_EMO
Only on the 15th listen through did I finally start to pick up on some of the horridly terrifying undertones to this musical masterpiece... well played cosmonauts XD
2010-07-08 napsmear
♫♪♫ Lovely.......just Lovely
2010-07-14 Barnside
What's left to say? ... simply awesome!
2010-11-01 Claude Prez
Late to the party, but this is unbelievably awesome beyond words and stuff. The vocals are so brilliant it's creepy. The whole thing is kind of unbelievable. Okay then.
2011-02-23 AiYume
This is an awesome song. I've played this for friends to break their brains.
2011-04-07 djseamus
Are you SURE she doesn't have a gun? GENIUS. PURE GENIUS, Spaff and Co. Kudos to Ms. Golden for her SPOT-ON impression of the late K. Carpenter. Lovely vocals. Nice drums too, Bob E. Expect this to be "Shilleagh Safari" soon.
2011-10-24 PSwapNinja
Utterly epic.
2015-03-27 dlunas
Yup, definitely one of my favorites, nearly five years later.
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