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Power Salad Lost Without My Lost 
Few TV programs have had the impact that LOST has had on the American fabric. Not since Partridge Family 2200AD has there been such conversation-provoking, head-scratching sociopolitical content in an entertainment program. We at Power Salad mourn its passing with this declaration of, um,....polar bear??? Parody lyrics by Craig Marks. Music produced and performed by Chris Mezzolesta, with special guest appearances by Craig himself - first time ever!!!! - and Mrs. Salad.
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2010-05-25 weirdojace
I just got into this show recently. Kinda glad it took me this long because it's a show that's way better on DVD anyway. Yeah, you pretty much summed up the mind of the Lost fanboy. (One of my friends is a SUPER one, too.) Good track.
2010-05-25 rick cormier
Unlike weirdojace, I have never seen a single episode of Lost. I do know that I can't stop the title (yours, not the original) from continually playing in my head, though. Jerks!
2010-05-25 stevegoodie
Beautiful... sniff... just beautiful... sigh...

Great song about one of the worst things ever to happen on television, INCLUDING all that reality stuff. Thanks PS!
2010-05-25 morningsidekick
Wow. This is a damn good parody song. Very good Manilow impression. And the lyrics are flawless - tells the story with a beginning, middle, and end, no forced rhymes ... Well Done!
2010-05-25 DJ Particle
Curious what inspired you to do a Bread parody in the style of Manilow *heh* :)
2010-05-25 PowerSalad
Again, this is 100% Manilow-free. It is a straight up parody of Lost Without Your Love. Opening piano riff is popular (Close To You, etc.) but Manilow Not Included. Whee.
2010-05-25 weirdojace
Chris actually is Barry Manilow but he's in denial.
2010-05-25 morningsidekick
OK, I'm embarrassed now. Sorry. Yeah, it was Bread. On the bright side (?) Chris would sound awesome in an actual Manilow parody. If anybody wants to crack up grandma and grandpa. Or ... do one and leave it in the can for the day Barry passes away. Morbid, but - do-able!
2010-05-25 morningsidekick
Copacabana: In my casket My wooden casket I died when my heart blew a gasket
2010-05-25 DJ Particle
Ah, so it was not intentional. I know that musically it's a straight-up Bread parody. I'm just saying that apparently your voice is very well attuned to do a Manilow parody or style-parody someday :)
2010-05-26 lukeski
I approve of this song and the music video that goes with it. Oh wait, I gotta go, "V" is on next! ;D
2010-05-29 Insane Ian
Loved this at Penguicon. Love this here. LOVE THIS.
2010-05-29 maxgoof
Congrats on grabbing the #1 spot on the Top Ten in May!
2010-06-06 peterfump9
Another example of why you are consistently great. And I've never watched Lost, either!
2010-06-10 filkertom
Hee. :)
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