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Steve Goodie Ecstasy Of The Bilious Waterpoodle 
One day I met a man named ShoEboX.

I really did sell my motorcycle to a shoeless man with no money. He came back a week later with some shoes. And money.

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2010-04-20 weirdojace
Excellent style parody, I can really taste the Chutney on this one!
2010-04-20 Molakwae
I'm still deciding whether to laugh, cry, or scratch the squirrel. So I guess it works as a style-parody.
2010-04-20 nick007
"This silly putty isnít nearly silly enough!" You should really make a web vid for this Steve! "I canít find my penguin!" "Will someone scratch my squirrel?" I'll have to remember these pick-up lines LOL "Do you think these pants make my cat look mentally-challenged?" Can I see pix?
2010-04-20 shoebox
This is just a bunch of nonsensical rambling over cheesy fast-paced music. Who in their right mind would find anything like this the slightest bit entertaining? I'd type more but I've got to go work on Worm Quartet's new Harry Potter song. -=ShoEboX=-
2010-04-20 filkertom
"I want everyone on the left side of the room to STAY on the left side of the room. NOW!" Love it. Agreement that there should be a video. Maybe with Shoebox starting to say all those things, and you interrupting him every time....
2010-04-20 maxgoof
That was...ubiquitous.
2010-04-20 maxgoof
Or words to that effect. :)
2010-04-20 THE_EMO
Now I have to clean my computer screen... because my head just exploded. Thanks a lot.
2010-04-20 THE_EMO
Now I have to clean my computer screen... because my head just exploded. Thanks a lot.
2010-04-20 Insane Ian
Ow, my spork!
2010-04-20 nick007
Your rite shoebox. It "is just a bunch of nonsensical rambling over cheesy fast-paced music" I think that's the point. This reminds me of one of those lame Fred vids Steve makes it sound kewl & I don't "think" Steve's been bereaving in helium
2010-04-20 lukeski
Other than failing to make any sort of reference to a battery powered carrot, your mimicry of the mighty Rochesterian quadrannelid is correctimundo. Now do a Gothsicles-type song. :)
2010-04-20 nick007
2010-04-20 weirdojace
And so starts the saga of "Steve Goodie does songs in the style of every artist on the fump!"
2010-04-20 filkertom
No, no, Nick. It's SHIT FUCK DEATH BEER!
2010-04-20 wildcard9
AH, yes, Shoebox is very infectous. Once heard, you must make a song in his style to get him out of your head. Or else he becomes your inner voice, and no one wants a repeat of the Devo Spice incident.
2010-04-22 mrwompy
Return your discontented ink jet cartridge because bubble wrap might flow down the enema syringe aisle. Segmented VHS tape labels are not mutually effective.
2010-04-22 maxgoof
It's all ShoEboX's fault!! He made me wear a cape! A CAPE!! Can you believe it?? Oh the shame...
2010-04-29 Barnside
Life is a rock but Steve, you rolled me -- Great job on keeping my attention span going for longer than 7 seconds!
2010-05-14 djseamus
My felicitous iguana, and my over-acheiving canker sore give this mind-numbing particle of persnickety rancor ten-hundred desert lasagnas up! WHERE IS MY LITTER-BOX!?!?
2010-05-15 peterfump9
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