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Tom Smith Just Give The Money To Me 
A year and a half after The Stimuli Needed To Save The Whole Entire World Economy OMGWTFBBQ and everybody's still hurting except for the high-rolling scumboys who got us into this mess. They won't fix things. They CAN'T fix things. I've got a better idea.

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2010-04-09 maxgoof
Very clevery written, Tom!! I especially love the last verse and chorus.
2010-04-09 nick007
I support giving it to Tom. It's less complicated & he cant do much worse than the politicians because he is NOT one
2010-04-09 rosencrantz
Nice Tom Leher style, very classic
2010-04-09 lukeski
Great song, Tom! Perhaps I should parody it, "Just Give The Money To Ski!" ;P
2010-04-09 squirreludecker
after i heard that the bailout money would pay off every mortgage and credit card in the country, i wondered why they just didnt do that instead. the money would still be going to the banks, but in a way that helps more people. people would have less debt, banks would have less credit out and have more money on hand.
2010-04-09 Barnside
I agree, Imagine the world without Banksters, Multinational Corporations and the worst bunch - the military industrial complex. Maybe we'd have some jobs, schools, infrastructure and Culture in this nation .. oh wait, their knock at my door I have to .... 8-P
2010-04-09 nick007
I just realized this song reminds of the Margaritaville episode of SouthPark where Kyle gets a credit-card with no limit & pays off the debt of everyone in town :P
2010-04-10 stevegoodie
Help help! Dick Cheney just shot me in the face! Where's my health care? Lovely song, Tom... you remain my hero!
2010-04-12 devospice
I totally support this idea.
2010-04-18 djseamus
Here! Here! Id we give the money to Tom Smith, a poor, little, starving orphan boy in Kenya won't have to go to sleep at night WITHOUT some fine singing and songwriting from The Fump's (and America's) finest comic tunesmith. Think of the starving orphans! And stock up on lemon Pledge while you're at it...........
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