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Project Sisyphus OMG 

Michael Jackson's unexpected demise last year left us with a stark new perspective on the King of Pop and his music. All of a sudden, we were able to overlook his bizarre adventures and focus on the songs. We forgave him for the dangling baby, the inappropriate interest in little boys. Some of us even forgave him for "Man in the Mirror."

But to REALLY understand the erstwhile pop legend, you have to go back to his R-and-B roots. Back to the Jackson Five; the Motown hits penned by Berry Gordy and The Corporation. Video clips of these days are revealing: the distorted recordings, the pageantry and costuming overshadowing the weak musicianship, at least until Michael could make enough money to kick Tito off lead guitar. Thank goodness today's acts are so much better.

OMG, our tribute to the Jackson's ABC, takes a fond look at an old craze-the watered-down soul music of yesteryear-and combines it with one of the hottest trends today: paying exorbitant amounts of money to communicate with others via short snippets of text, much like a telegram. Landon Longard stars as the Boy Who Would Be King. Thx 4 lstning.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-01-26 weirdojace
This is absolutely brilliant! Love all the abbreviations in this song.
2010-01-26 forestofthedead
2010-01-26 oddaustin
Absolutey my favorite track of yours... and that's really saying something.
2010-01-26 devospice
2010-01-26 maxgoof
2010-01-26 maxgoof
2010-01-26 mrwompy
Fantastic parody!! I'm laughing even though I am acronym-deficient!
2010-01-26 Spaff.com

PS = Project Sisyphus

2010-01-26 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Wow, seriously great production! I'm impressed!!!
2010-01-26 cyberwraith
Suh-weet track.
2010-01-26 cyberwraith
Suh-weet track.
2010-01-27 devospice
By the way, folks. This song is NOT available on those two albums listed above. The site is picking up Luke Ski's track "OMGWTFBBQ" and showing those albums. This is a SQL query problem that I'm not sure I can fix without breaking other tracks on the site.
2010-01-29 dino-mike
2010-01-31 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks for your kind words everyone! Unfortunately, it seems I broke the FuMP by stealing Luke's title. From now on, all songs have to be titled "Blood Guts And Boobs." This'll really confuse'em when it's Grammy time.
2010-02-05 MattShizzle
HaHaHa! I've subscribed to the FUMP on itunes ever since Manic Mondays ended and loved songs before (like My Mens Room Date's a Senator) but this one I had to send to my friends especially with the free play.
2010-02-10 peterfump9
2010-02-12 voiceroy
OMG IJPMPFLOL!!!!! (Figure it out.) And major kudos to Landon Longard for his amazingly spot-on vocals.
2010-03-17 djseamus
Amazing! Superb! Grt wk Bob and Langdon. I was never a big fan of MJ but I am a fan of this. This ranks right up there with Weird Al's "Eat It".
2010-09-18 NotQuiteNormal
This song is so awesome. I'm going to make my daughter (age 10) listen to this later! :D
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