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Devo Spice I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy 
Here's another song ripped right from my daily life. I very often find myself in a situation where- despite my lack of any engineering or computer related degrees- I am the person with the most computer knowledge, thereby making me, by default, the go to guy for any and all problems that come up. More often than not I end up looking up the problem my boss/relative/friend/co-worrker/random guy seems to have either in the help or on Google and just exploring the program until I figure it out. It amazes me how few people are capable of going to Google to look up the problem they're having and finding someone else who had the same problem and seeing how they solved it. Really, people, it's not that difficult.

This song is also available as part of the Rhyme Torrents 9 nerdcore hip hop compilation available at http://www.rhymetorrents.com. The compilation also features new songs by Rappy McRapperson, Epic-1, T.Y.T., Whoremoans, and more.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-01-22 forestofthedead
Oh man this is genius. And thanks for the free albums link. God bless you.
2010-01-22 madmanOTL
As someone who at work has answered computer questions with phrases like, "you need speakers to hear it", "use the shift button to make one letter capital", and "turn on the monitor", I appreciate the song.
2010-01-22 Insane Ian
This is brilliant. Awesome.
2010-01-22 mrwompy
Great song!! (But how did you come up with that line about help wiping after .... ?)
2010-01-22 seamonkey
No, you're not our personal IT guy... but you ARE our personal awesome-comedy-rap-song guy!
2010-01-22 Balder
The influence of other nerdcore acts is noticeable in this one and it's great.
2010-01-23 stevegoodie
Yes! Yes! YES! This is PERFECT! "No I don't know your password..." Priceless!
2010-01-23 drkmirror
I'm having this issue with my computer....:)
2010-01-24 yoyobrains
I would laugh but I AM the IT guy. Time to bring out the trusty hammer. And no its not for the computer. hehe
2010-01-24 peterfump9
Dammit! :-)
2010-01-25 Medemia
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
2010-01-25 ProjectSisyphus
Like Dilbert, this song is likely to become a workplace legend.
2010-01-26 Spaff.com
I forwarded this to two guys in my office. Their responses:
"ha ha"

Incidentally, I act like they're both my personal IT guys. I hope they appreciate the irony.

2010-01-27 EMC
Great song, as always!
2010-01-29 Arkle
Hey Devo. I played this song on the latest episode of my podcast, Geek of all Trades. http://www.mevio.com/episode/210096/geek-of-all-trades-episode-35 As the son of a computer science major, I get this a lot. Newsflash peeps, talent with machines? Not genetic. My Mom's got it, I don't. kthxbai.
2010-02-12 voiceroy
This deserves to be on the "Office Space" soundtrack. Great work, Devo! It's Anthem-tastic! Can't wait to hear a crowd chanting the chorus live. Funny music always tastes better with a little Devo Spice in it.
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