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Tom Smith Bacon (John Denver As A MoFo Version) 
It's all Luke's fault.
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2009-12-29 lukeski
This is the best Christmas ever! :) Let that be a warning to the rest of you all to watch what you say around Tom Smith. It may end up a song. What a way to end 2009 at the FuMP. Thanks Tom, that was awesome!!!
2009-12-29 forestofthedead
That was really great!
2009-12-29 maxgoof
That was....silly.
2009-12-29 hms42
Lukeski - You know better... Keep making comments around Tom so he generates more songs for us to enjoy. :)
2009-12-29 shoebox
Glorious. :)
2009-12-29 maxsilly
That was... goofy.
2009-12-29 maxgoof
Hey, are you making fun of me??
2009-12-29 stevegoodie
Bacon shot JFK! Bacon shot JFK! I freaking KNEW it! Oh, and nice song, Tom. Quite spiffy, yet highly caloric. Well done! Huzzah!
2009-12-29 maxsilly
No sir! Are you making fun of me??
2009-12-29 garnsr
This works surprisingly well, and I can understand every line now. The only problem is the Iago joke doesn't work at all without Gilbert.
2009-12-29 maxdouche
I wish you all would stop making fun of me even though I crap on most of the songs posted here. Wah.
2009-12-29 wildcard9
Oh my god! Tom channeling Shoebox channeling John Tesh covering Luke Ski, with music by John Denver. *boggle* Well done! *applause*
2009-12-30 dice1342
Awesome! This has became my favorite Luke Ski cover. Sorry Ridikulus....you've been replaced.
2009-12-30 Balder
And now the sound of Luke Ski being John Denvered. Beats being John Thomased by a fair piece, boy howdy I tell you what.
2009-12-31 mrwompy
Great song!!! Wendy's ought to use it to advertise their "Baconator"!
2009-12-31 Spaff.com
2010-01-03 peterfump9
Great! More Bacon!
2010-01-13 Barnside
Can I get that super-sized?
2010-01-22 cyberwraith
With extra baco
2010-01-22 cyberwraith
Bacon, that is. I do have to wonder at something on your page here. What, pray tell, is a good pun?
2010-02-12 voiceroy
I have a t-shirt that smells like bacon: http://voxinsox.blogspot.com/2010/01/bacon.html -- Now I have another funny song to sing along to that smells like bacon too.
2010-03-05 djseamus
Alright, another great Tom Smith (I mean, ahem, Luke Ski) song featuring a prominent banjo part! You guys are really bringin' home the bacon to da Fump! Keep it up and eat it up! Yum yum!
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