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Moneyshot Cosmonauts Blow Me Down 
Every September 19th, as you're no doubt aware, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which, unlike Labor Day, is exactly what it purports to be. There is already an official theme song of Talk Like a Pirate Day; it's by The FuMP's own Tom Smith and is called, ahem, "Talk Like a Pirate Day." But let's be honest: Can you really have too many songs about talking like a pirate?

The answer is a resounding yes. Here's proof. It's a parody of Thompson Twins' 1984 synth-rock classic "Hold Me Now." Of course.

"Blow Me Down," incidentally, was first recorded by [The Dread Pirate] Robert Lund in 2006; his version has twice appeared on the Dr. Demento Show and is available from The Mad Music Arrrchive. So you could call this a pirate version. Har harrr.

Salty seamen:
M. "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Spaff" Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Bob "Bobarossa" Emmet: Instruments and music mixing
Chris "Mizzenmast" Mezzolesta: Vocals, ad-libs, and final mixing

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-09-18 weirdojace
Outstanding. Moneyshot Cosmonauts always puts out quality stuff.
2009-09-18 voiceroy
2009-09-18 voiceroy
Also love the high-qual studio production. I give this two FuMPs up.
2009-09-18 squirreludecker
quality piratical music there.
2009-09-18 devospice
YAR! This be a fine bit o' parody here. Very funny! Yar har har!
2009-09-18 maxgoof
I LIKE!!! Excellent harmonization!
2009-09-18 PowerSalad
duhhhhhh, Me prufeshunal!!! Thanks for that, had fun with it. Spaff's words are always right on the money(shot), and Bob's track was radio-ready! Proud to be involved with this'un.
2009-09-18 dino-mike
This track is spot on brilliant! Very well done to everyone involved!!!
2009-09-18 MarissaGoldmark
That was pretty 'effin wonderful. :)
2009-09-18 wildcard9
ARRR!!! Best new pirate song that I have heard this year!!
2009-09-19 djseamus
80's soft rock and pirates...I don't know how it works but it does, by Davy Jones. Happy Talk Like a Pirate day ta Capn' Spaffy, First mate and Shantyman Bob "Sea Dog Sisyphus" Emmmet, and ship's crooner Chris "Scurvy Salad" Mezzolesta, as well as all Fumpers near and far on the cyber seas! Yo ho, yo ho, a Fumper's life for me!
2009-09-19 MattMan_1_00
I love this! I loved the original, and this is perfect! Keep 'em coming! Hooray for Moneyshot Cosmonauts!
2009-09-22 lukeski
Great song Spaff, Chris, & Bob! FYI: At conventions I've seen t-shirts for sale of the Russian Girl "Moneyshot Cosmonaut" as seen in your userpic. If I ever find one in my size, I'm buying one so I can have a Moneyshot Cosmonauts t-shirt of my very own! Talk about booty, yarr!
2009-09-22 Spaff.com
Luke: Thanks for the tip on the Bawidamann shirts. I wasn't aware they existed. Please, everyone, support him by buying his stuff. For me.

Everyone: Thanks shloads for the kind comments. I gotta tell ya: Working with Bob Emmet and Chris Mezzolesta on this song was fantastic. We had heart-wrenching challenges getting this done by the deadline, and both guys came through in a big way. Thanks also to Rob Balder for the 11th-hour technical assist. Fine comrades, all.

2009-09-24 djseamus
Definately going on the play-list for ITLAPD 2010. Can't believe I didn't fit this one in this year. I love it!
2009-09-25 seamonkey
"Wench fetch me some grog" didn't work with my wife. But the dousing I received was soon forgotten in this warm '80s blanket of humour you've provided... yo ho! No, not you hon... splash....
2009-09-25 Professor Incubus
I like this version, but I don't understand how someone can remake a song that has already been done by someone else and still charge for it here on the fump. Granted, you are still giving props to Robert Lund and Spaff. But what if someone rerecorded a song by Weird Al and was charging for it on here?
2009-09-26 Spaff.com
Thanks for the comments, kids!

Incubus: I know I've made things confusing around here by attaching my name to multiple artists, but "Blow Me Down" is a parody I wrote and Moneyshot Cosmonauts is a project I formed, and I promise that I obtained permission from myself. Robert Lund, for the record, is okey-dokey with the cover as well; he even agreed to let us sample his vocals from the R.L. version for use in the M.C. version. That ended up not happening because of a last-minute emergency (and I mean literal emergency), but rest assured that everyone is cool. And the gang.

2009-09-26 Professor Incubus
Thanks for the explanation, Spaff. Just wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up. Keep pumping out the parodies!
2009-10-10 chicagofan76
This is 1 of the top 3 funniest songs of 2009....why cant i find u guys on myspace?
2009-10-11 Spaff.com
Thanks, chicagofan!
2009-10-11 Spaff.com
Synapse misfire. That link I just gave you is to my Spaff.com & Robert Lund page on MySpace. I haven't set one up for Moneyshot Cosmonauts. How much longer do you think MySpace will even be around?
2011-07-22 CaptainDan
Arrrrrr, from Pirate Rapper to Pirate Rapper!
2011-12-09 Dr. Pant Load
Arrrgh, this here lullaby brought a tear to me eye...from laughin' me fool head off! Avast ye lubbers!
2011-12-09 Dr. Pant Load
The "Money-line" to this song? Right here- You say I need Right Guard A shower and shave I'll scuttle yer festerin' gob with me cutlass, ye landlubber knave!
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