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the great
Luke Ski
My Parents Bought Me Intellivision 
featuring Insane Ian
To all of you nerdcore people who have been going on for years about how the Atari 2600 is the greatest video game platform of the 1980's, all I have to say is 'You just keep telling yourself that'. Myself and over 3 million others know the glory that is the far superior 80's gaming platform of intelligent television, simply known as "Intellivision". This song came into existance with the help of Insane Ian, a video game store manager who not only hooked me up with a copy of "Intellivision Lives", but also wrote and performs the 4th verse of the song. Also joining in the fun are Devo Spice, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, and Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, who mixed and mastered the track. So to all of you young'uns who have never heard of Intellivision, welcome to the ultimate video game Utopia.

This song is from my new album "TOO MUCH STUFF", which is available for purchase today both in CD and MP3 download form from my website, Luke Ski dot com.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-08-28 Balder
This is really damn funny and a great track. Nor am I just saying that because you CYA'ed me. ^^ Seriously great song.
2009-08-28 garnsr
NES is clearly the greatest system of the 80's.
2009-08-28 shoebox
As I grew up with an Atari 800, a Beta VCR, and later a Sega Master System, I feel ya on the "superior system that nobody else friggin' has" front.

But the Intellivision port of "Donkey Kong" still haunts my nightmares.

2009-08-28 TVsKyle
Wicked-awesome songage! I was part of an even narrower group at the time: Texas Instruments carts! Parsec anyone?
2009-08-28 Insane Ian
Once again, thanks for letting me be a part of this AWESOME track...this is one of my fave tracks by you (and not just 'cause I'm on it!)

And Kyle, I too had a TI...as well as an Atari 800 and a Commodore 64...of those three, i still only have the 800 (but that's part of a catalog of over 33 systems in my possession) ^_^

2009-08-28 TVsKyle
33, Ian?! *glares suspiciously* Do you have a Virtual Boy?
2009-08-28 Insane Ian
indeed I do, Kyle...tho the stand is broken, so if i want to play it, i have to lie on my couch with it sitting on my face...

...that sounded dirtier than i intended...

2009-08-28 Medemia
I had a friend who had an Intellivision. Jealousy was definitely there, especially since I didn't even have an Atari. I always thought it was the rich kid's Atari. Stupid rich kid.
2009-08-28 oddaustin
Great track, guys! Can't wait to hear all the other unreleased stuff on the album once it gets here.
2009-08-29 DJ Particle
Count me in among the IntellividKids :) And I've got "Intellivision Lives" as well! :)
2009-08-29 CaptNova
I remember my Dad at work won a pong machine. It had for games on it. Tennis, Hockey, Handball, and Target. The target game had a light gun on it long before NES came out.
2009-08-29 PowerSalad
ummmmmmmm......me had VIC-20.
2009-08-29 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
KICK ASS!! Luke, you've outdone yourself again and get better every time! INSTANT CLASSIC!
2009-08-30 bfisher_qsi
Hilarious song. Thanks for mentioning all three of the games I worked on.
2009-09-01 ProjectSisyphus
Cool song and WTG plugging in those 8-bit video game sounds!
2009-09-11 voiceroy
Play that retro music, white boy. My family was always one generation behind on console releases, a tradition which continues to this day since I got both an original XBOX and PS2 in the last 2 years. Never had an Intellivision, but I played it at friends' houses. Dad got us a ColecoVision with Atari 2600 expansion and a huge box of games at a yard sale for like $20. I wasted away many, many happy hours of my youth with that console.
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