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the great
Luke Ski
God Bless Stephen Colbert 
Some people think Stephen Colbert is a Republican, conservative, right-wing, bible-thumping, caustic bully. And that's just ridiculous, because they forgot 'ego-manaical'. But those people can't put down their copies of the New York Times long enough to see that the name 'Colbert' is the French word for 'Patriot', minus everything French. The Wikiality of the situation is that Stephen is here to save the United States from it's downward spiral towards socailism, anarchy, and correct enunciations of 'nuclear'. "God Bless Stephen Colbert", this original country rock power ballad from the Funny Music Project, a.k.a. "The FuMP dot com", is a tribute to this Lincolnish Warrior-Poet, who's covered everything from the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, to the Amazing Spider-Man Issue #573. But the real question is, will this Colbert FuMP get the Colbert Bump? Only time will tell, Nation.

This song is from the great Luke Ski's new album "TOO MUCH STUFF", which is available for purchase today both in CD and MP3 download form from his website, Luke Ski dot com.

Music by Bob Emmett of Project Sisyphus, additional vocals by Carrie Dahlby.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-08-14 devospice
Truly awesome, dude!
2009-08-14 badavecom
Some people obviously don't get the not so subtle sarcasm of the Colbert Report, sadly I think the same may happen with your parody--but I sure got it--hilarious
2009-08-14 maxgoof
The problem is that it is nearly impossible to parody a parody.
2009-08-14 Insane Ian
Your tongue is planted so firmly in your cheek that i fear it may be planted in Stephen's. Excellent tribute! ^_^
2009-08-17 ProjectSisyphus
Glad we got this up at the eleventh hour Luke lol
2009-08-17 Danny D
I started a thread about this, with a link, on the Colbert Nation forum. So far it has one response, which is positive.
2009-08-17 PowerSalad
What I like about this is its "truthiness". And *that's* the Word.
2009-08-17 lukeski
Thank you FreeJaffa! And thanks to all of you for your supportive comments, and again to Bob for the excellent music!
2009-08-18 voiceroy
Reminiscent of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A." which is very appropriate considering the subject matter. And the only reference lacking is a mention of Cap's shield. Nice job, Luke and Bob (and Carrie choir). Colbert would be proud.
2009-08-20 djseamus
I hear you voiceroy, I was thinking of "God Bless The USA" as well. Luke, I think this is one of your best vocal performances yet, and superb writing. Bob E - as always the music here floors me. Carrie - you sound good as several chorus members. I lift a pint of "Americone Dream" to you all!
2014-08-05 carlau
Gonna miss the Colbert report! Nice homage!
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