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Lemon Demon Bill Watterson 
Here's a nice little song about stalking Bill Watterson, the cartoonist behind the beloved comic "Calvin and Hobbes." He retired in 1995, lives in Cleveland, and has made few, if any, public appearances since. Bill Watterson is said to be a very private person, so writing a song about stalking him is all the more funny. He probably hides out of fear of people like this. I'd like to see his face if he ever heard this song. Maybe I should send it to some Cleveland radio stations.

From the album View-Monster.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-09-22 weirdojace
Hands down one of the best (and funniest) Lemon Demon songs. Neil, you really know how to write creepy lyrics.
2009-09-22 voiceroy
Production-wise, this is high-quality and well-crafted. However, I just didn't find the lyrics as "funny" as advertised. I commented on this same thing on another newer song on the Sideshow, but I've never understood how anyone performing musical comedy could legitimately call their own work "funny". IMO, that's for the audience and the fans to decide, not the artist.
2009-09-22 shoebox
This is awesome. I love it much. Glad you're here, Mr. Demon!
2009-09-22 TVsKyle
Yeah, Craig, both Beth and Neil were describing what's a funny concept to them and describing their own respective senses of humor. To call them out on this seems to be at worst needlessly argumentative and at best semantics bullcrap. Stoppit.
2009-09-22 weirdojace
2009-09-22 weirdojace
voiceroy, you're just being a dick.
2009-09-22 weirdojace
And if you wanna voice your opinion, why not focus on what you think is wrong with the song rather than how you think comedy musicians shouldn't advertise their music as comedy on a comedy music website?
2009-09-22 dino-mike
Haha, yes this is by far in the top 3 of my fav Lemon Demon songs!!! Brilliantly crafted lyrics & very funny if you're smart enough to understand =P
2009-09-22 Spaff.com
Yo, Jace, I'mma let you finish, but Kanye West's critics had some of the best indignation of all time.
2009-09-22 Spaff.com
Oh, and nice job, Neil. You too, Bill.

2009-09-23 voiceroy
Point taken, Kyle. I should've just left off after stating that I didn't think it was as funny as advertised. Unfortunately, I can't retract my statement due to a lack of ability to edit my own post. @weirdojace: Unnecessary, and ironic how you can't call someone else a dick without it making you one too.
2009-09-23 weirdojace
Yeah, sorry about that. I just woke up when I said that.

Though I am a dick a lot of times. No idea how my friends put up with me.
2009-09-23 kobifox
Awesome! Watterson is one of the main reasons I got into drawing comics years ago. I love all the dramatic style shifts going on throughout the song. This is a thoroughly creepy and funny piece of music. Now I'm definitely getting the album!
2009-09-23 deanmiller
Good work on the poetry and melody.
2009-09-24 MarissaGoldmark
This song has been stuck in my head since last year when a friend of mine came home from Youmacon with your then new album. GREAT STUFF! I hope to see you live at this year's Youmacon! :)
2009-09-24 djseamus
nothing like a hearty stalker song to get us thinking about Halloween, and about how much of a genius Watterson was. Spaceman Spiff would be proud.
2009-09-25 seamonkey
A SONG about stalking Watterson? Pansies. I'm looking through his bathroom window right now....
2010-01-08 forestofthedead
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