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the great
Luke Ski
We're Goin' To The Dells (The Wisconsin Dells) 
featuring Carrie Dahlby
If you have been to the Wisconsin Dells, you know. If you have not been to the Wisconsin Dells, hopefully by the end of this rap song, you will want to go and experience it for yourself. For decades, this region of the Dairy State has lured in millions of visitors with it's combination of natural pristine awe-inspiring beauty, going hand-in-hand with the most crass kitschy touristy commercialism you've ever seen. Much like Route 66, it is true Americana at it's best, and I've been in love with the place since childhood, and this song is my love letter to it. In early June 2008, a weekend of torrential rainfall caused man-made Lake Delton to breach a shoreline near the Wisconsin river, which emptied it only a few hours, just before their busy summer season was supposed to begin. This year Lake Delton is back, and I've decided to use all my powers of internet promotion to get as many people as I can to go visit the Dells again, or for the first time. Links to all of the places mentioned are on the Lyrics page. [Note: I was not paid to endorse any of all of these real places mentioned in this song, but I'd gladly accept freebies from any of them, wink wink.] So whether you're there for the 150 years of history and natural beauty, or for the 200 waterslides and souvenir shops, a trip to the Wisconsin Dells will be a great time that will make you say, 'Yep, I can see why Luke Ski loves this place'. Background music by myself and Bob 'Clark W. Griswold' Emmett of Project Sisyphus, featuring chorus vocals by Carrie 'Are we there yet?' Dahlby. Cameo by Sara 'No, I will not elope to the Dells with you' Trice.

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2009-07-07 maxgoof
And no mention of the parody of Holiday Road? Fo' shame! Seriously, though, this is very good.
2009-07-07 maxgoof
And no mention of the parody of Holiday Road? Fo' shame! Seriously, though, this is very good.
2009-07-07 maxgoof
And no mention of the parody of Holiday Road? Fo' shame! Seriously, though, this is very good.
2009-07-07 lukeski
2009-07-07 Wingus
Heck, I'm interested in going, and I generally don't care for theme park type places. Great song, Luke. Catchy, got it on repeat. :)
2009-07-07 garnsr
Lahaina, on the island of Maui, in Hawaii, always reminds me of Wisconsin Dells. I haven't been to the Dells in almost 20 years, but I do have fond memories of Noah's Ark.
2009-07-07 ladyomniscience
I've never been to the Dells, although I've heard much about it. Sounds like it's a lot like the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area here in TN. The majesty of the Smoky Mountains, combined with the kitsch of a thousand miniature golf courses, Dollywood, and a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. And, for some reason, a lot of pancake restaurants.
2009-07-07 wildcard9
So the next Vacation movie is visiting the Dells? Cool!! :-) Sorry I did not go to the con last weekend to join all of you at the Dells on the way home.
2009-07-07 ProjectSisyphus
Luke if you can't sell this to the Dells Tourism Commission as a commercial I'd be very surprised. This sounds like a totally horrendous place and I so totally want to go there. OK everybody: FuMP concert/retreat next summer at the Dells? Who's in?
2009-07-07 badavecom
Very fun GLS. . .and Carrie is great too--awesome song
2009-07-08 DJ Particle
Only place in the song I've been to is the House on the Rock. Went there with Tak last year. :) Great song. Hope it hits the DT20! I voted for it! :)
2009-07-08 Carrie Dahlby
It was a joy to sing this song. I'm glad my husband and I stopped by the Dells briefly (twice) this past weekend so that we both have a better feel for the song. I played it ten times in a row today so I could try to catch all the references. Love it!!!!!!!!!! :D
2009-07-13 mushbaby
I'm so glad I live right outside of the Dells!! It makes me happy to know I can visit it whenever!! It really is spectacular!!
2009-07-15 seamonkey
Dude, I'm from Texas... what the hell is a dell? ;D
A beautifully "Luke Ski" song! (you've earned your own genre)
2009-07-17 folly12
Awesome Luke!! Oh such fun we had at the Wonder Spot & good old Fort Dells. (Still wish it wasn't gone.)And I'm glad Lake Delton is back again now. -- LLF
2009-07-18 voiceroy
Great tribute to WI tourism, Luke. I've visited a few of those locations in my travels through the state. You should submit this to the Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism. Ya never know...
2009-07-22 ppoi307
how could you not mention the Wilderness Lodge? That's the biggest water park there! Other than that greavence, great song
2016-06-26 artpaul
I found out about it a little late but I did enjoy it and it sounds like you've really been there
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