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Rob Balder Hoist the Jolly Roget's 
Rob Balder delivers his first pirate song, with the help of "Pirates For Sail" a fine crew of mercenary pirates based in southern Maryland. Visit them at piratesforsail.com to hire them to invade your event. The song is the tale of how Rob lost his thesaurus--and almost his life--while travelling back in time to write a song about pirates. Listen for his best impression of a Wilhelm Scream.

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2007-09-18 Voice of Kiki
Brilliant! The title was the real coup, though. I'm going to be giggling about that for days. Also, first comment! *Poing!* Great job.
2007-09-18 Hurricane
Avast- thar be a ship!! Good little tune Capt. Balder, there's always room for a good comedic pirate song out there on the Sea of Comedy :)
2007-09-18 lukeski
Arrrgh! SYNONYMS off the port bough! >:D
2007-09-18 minkwheel
Arrrr!--that was a FUNNY song, a COMEDIC song, a HUMOROUS song... I could go ON for at least 27 more listings.... --minkwheel
2007-09-18 shoebox
Spiffy, def, keen, and splendid. -=ShoEboX=-
2007-09-18 NakedBrainStudios
har har.. that be the best song of piracy ta tickle me ears this morn.. WORD!!
2007-09-18 LoonieBin
Anything non-piratey would have been unacceptable today. Well done.
2007-09-19 djseamus
Arrrr.... Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day" all ye salty, sea-farin' mates. I'll be leavin' a wee little trife on the subject of Capn' Balder's shanty later in the day. For now, though, Drink up me hearties, yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum!
2007-09-19 djseamus
Ahoy there! Here there be one pleas-ed pirate! Thou hast written a fine shanty to raise me spirits on this splendid "Talk Like a Pirate Day". My hats off and bottoms up to the noble crew of Pirates for Sail.
2007-09-19 djseamus
A disclaimer from djseamus: I did not have even a drop of rum in between my first comment and my second comment. It's a work night for me.
2007-09-21 filkertom
Insert numerous synonyms for "excellent" here.
2007-09-21 Derwood Bowen
Yarr! See, being a pirate isn't that hard!
2007-09-24 JonnySpazzbourne
A funny song, a hilarious song, a unique song, a laugh-your-bloody-butt-off song...you get the idea, Mr. FuMP-founder.
2007-10-10 ProjectSisyphus
We arrrrr laughing arrrrrr wooden legs off!
2007-10-10 rick cormier
Well, that was a lot of fun. It left me feeling a bit (dare I say it?) grog-gy. (shouldn't have said it)
2007-10-11 artpaul
I thought it was fun and inteligent as well as funny.I especially like how your showed the writer's view.
2007-10-15 djseamus
This fine, keen, admirable....you know, pirate song never fails to make me happy. Thanks Rob!
2007-10-15 djseamus
I was going to say that when you mix the song for the Fump Vol 5, some of the vocals need to be turned up a little, that's all.
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