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Devo Spice Why Are You Friending Me On Facebook? 
If you are not one of the 200 million people using Facebook to reconnect with old casual acquaintances and stay up to date with what people in the next room are doing without actually having to talk to them you may not fully get this song. The rest of you will hopefully relate to it. I've had several instances where I've gotten a friend request on Facebook and reacted with "Who?!", "Why?!", or very often "WTF?!" But I always end up friending them anyway.

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2009-05-12 lukeski
Oh, Devo, you... You got what I nee-eed... but you say it's just a FuMP... But you say it's just a FuMP... Another diabolical track from Devo Spice!
2009-05-12 Alchav
Devo Spice are talented.
2009-05-12 mrwompy
Excellent!!! Now ... let's do a search on FaceBook ... are you listed as Devo Spice or Tom Rockwell?
2009-05-12 dino-mike
This is a pretty cool song... and yes, I can relate.
2009-05-12 Balder
Oh hell yes. God I am tired of being collected like a frickin Pok
2009-05-12 wildcard9
So... I guess this means no friending you back? :-)
2009-05-12 weirdojace
I like how the word "friend" is now a verb.
2009-05-12 TVsKyle
Funny stuff! More amazing work by the Professor, too! That's great stuff!
2009-05-12 jimmyknocker
So wait, you have links to Digg, Slashdot, Del.Icio.Us, and Stumble, but no link to Facebook? What the heck kind of logic is that?
2009-05-12 djseamus
Oh yeah, totally. And then you get the "request" from someone you hung out with in grade school you haven't seen in ages, but you can't think of what to write them because A: it's Facebook and therefore not a visual medium, and B, because it;s the internet and you're too spaced out to find intelligent and thoughful things to write. Face-to-face conversation is, and always will, rule supreme. I think our generation really has to acknowledge that before we're sucked anymore deeply into "The Matrix" which is our cell phone, i-pod, MySpace, Twitter, Bluetooth, and facebook.....don't get me started on sunglasses either....they're part of "The Matrix" as well. Awesome work again, Devo. You are the king of Comedy Rap that gripes about stuff that should be thoroughly griped at!
2009-05-12 djseamus
Oh, that should be THE KING, all caps.
2009-05-12 davidtanny
I get that stupid question all the time on whyspace and farcebook. This song is a winner.
2009-05-12 madmanOTL
This song needed to be written and well done. I cringed when people from my grammar school found me. I find it most interesting when someone who has the same last name as me sends me a friend request even though I never met the person.
2009-05-13 ladypoetess
My initial reaction during the first verse was, "I have had that exact thought at some of the friend requests I get!" And the first thing I said (out loud, to my cat) after the song was over was, "I am so posting this on Facebook!" And I'll be doing that... now.
2009-05-13 nottheone
Ironically, no link to share this on FB : - ))
2009-05-13 seamonkey
Since Luke Ski took the only comment that I really had in my cran, I'll just say the following witty things: MMMMM, Wendy's chicken ranch pita with a dash of Devo Spice!
The Spice is RIGHT!
You Spice up my life!
Whip it, whip it good! (I dunno what else to do for the Devo part....)

FYI: If you agree to a school reunion thru Facebook, look at the profiles of all who are going and learn their names... the 8th grade reunion I agreed to left me saying, "Sorry, I don't remember you," to a couple of people which, hey, kinda makes Devo's point right there, now don't it?
2009-05-13 Wingus
Ain't this the truth... Love it, man!
2009-05-13 squirreludecker
decent song, but to quote tom smith: "and try not to make a repetitive chorus, its wasteful of words and a bore"
2009-05-14 artpaul
All I can say to this is Amen Brother. You really can Preach it. Your speaking for us all.
2009-05-15 peterfump9
Great song!
2009-05-16 filkertom
Brother, I feel your pain. Oh, and the song's kewl.
2009-05-31 PowerSalad
Biggest head-scratcher I've had in years was when the one guy who gave me more crap from 7th thru 12th grades, suddenly came up on FB all nice n happy n stuff...F'n weird! You speak for us all, yon Spiceperson.....
2009-11-27 forestofthedead
Great stuff.
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