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Baldbox Words That Rhyme 
What is this? Brand new Baldbox? How could that be?

ShoEboX and Rob discuss "putting up a new FuMP song" on IM:

ROB: So that's how I burned myself making tuna salad. Anyway we have a song due tomorrow.
SHOEBOX: No problem, there have to be a couple of other decent ones on our new disc, "The Dumb Album," available even as we speak in The FuMP store!
ROB: Your optimism is uplifting. Let's review our work with the wisdom and perspective that only time can bring.
52 minutes later...
SHOEBOX: Holy crap, this album sucks!
ROB:Your realism is sobering. Well, clearly we'll have to write and record a new song.
SHOEBOX: In a day? Well, we did make an album in a weekend...
ROB: And what did we learn from that?
SHOEBOX: Mostly things about clowns.

Backing music is "Cool Rock" by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com, used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-04-24 lukeski
Rob Balder, face scalder, pole vaulter, church altar... ShoEboX, blue socks, Who rocks, zoo pox... great song, hate pong, wait long, ape schlong... Orange, door hinge, silver, bla bla end of comment. :P
2009-04-24 devospice
Nifty song! um... Shifty thong, hippie's bong, lefty schlong, Mister Wong, hit the gong, King of Kong, that's just wrong, this is going on way too long...
2009-04-24 EclecticLee
Scarily catchy. Uh, hairily letchy, merrily retchy... Oh, forget it!
2009-04-24 TVsKyle
Durn fine work, boys. Burn time jerk, toys. Slant rhyme shirk, Roy.
2009-04-24 KingErroneous
This is the first post to praise this song and NOT attempt to rhyme.
2009-04-24 TVsKyle
Piss is the worst roast to braise this shlong and ROT exempt to slime.
2009-04-24 mrwompy
Great tune! Over the moon!
2009-04-24 shoebox
TV's Kyle! I'd love to do a project with you some day, but unfortunately it would probably be called "Shoebyle," and that sounds nasty any way you slice it. Anyhoo, thanks for the kind words, people.
2009-04-24 maxgoof
Autotune, shoot the moon, Witherspoon, sing and croon, Third of June, afternoon,...
2009-04-25 weirdojace
Sometimes songs about deep subject matter are necessary.
2009-04-25 shoebox
Autotune? Nope...never used it. Probably obvious.
2009-04-25 maxgoof
Okay, then you just changed the pitch?
2009-04-26 seamonkey
I look like Jesus more each day and I LOVE this song!
By the way... Socrates rhymes more with toe traits and low weights, but whatever... party on dudes!
2009-04-26 djseamus
This is what Baldbox is capable of in one day? in the words of Shoebox;"Holy Crap"! This song is killer, but it should be "Gua-de-loo-pay", not "Gua-de-loop", as you pronounced it in the song, and Seamonkey: it's So-cra-tees, not "so-crates". But hey, I'm one to talk....I was a theater major, not an English one.
2009-04-26 Balder
The street in Austin is definitely GWAH-dah-LOOP. Not sure about the town in MEH-hee-ko, however. And thanks. :)
2009-04-26 Balder
Maxgoof: I looked at a few different ways to get the pitch effect I wanted but settled on segmenting each word and pitch tuning it in Misxcraft by a number of semitones between +8 and -7.
2009-04-27 Insane Ian
I wanna be like at least half of Baldbox when I grow up. But I'm not sure if it's the Bald half, or the Box half.

Awesome work, guys! Gives me hope of a second album ^_^

2009-04-27 maxgoof
Balder: AHA!! I just assumed autotuning, since that can be used to do that, too. I get my Dipper voice by raising my own 17.647%. It is left as an exercise to the reader why I use that precise percentage.
2009-04-27 DJ Particle
Max, Rob: I used a similar effect on "Technomusic" ;)
2009-05-05 wildcard9
Late comment: I really liked this song, but wonder just how you will perform it live at a con. I guess only time (and lots of booze) will tell.
2009-05-08 Balder
Yeah, I don't know how we'll ever do this live, WC. It might be interesting to see if we could get an autotune module for a show.
2009-05-11 JonnySpazzbourne
The "spicy buffalo wing sauce" line got me. XD NO, I will not attempt any rhyming comments.
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