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the great
Luke Ski
Too Much Stuff 
The degree to which this song is based on the truth of my life is more than I feel comfortable admitting. This song could also be about you or someone you know. If it is, seek counseling. Also note that I make four separate references to four different Jim Henson productions for no reason whatsoever. Can you spot them?

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2009-02-17 MarlinsGirl
awesome song Luke.
2009-02-17 saganth
Let's see: Oscar, Kermit, Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock! Do I get a no-prize? :) Great song, I sadly know someone like this...
2009-02-17 dino-mike
Very very clever, nice job Luke.
2009-02-17 Alchav
This is awesome! I love it.
2009-02-17 EclecticLee
Hey, have you been spying on me? Sure sounds like this song is based on me. :-)
2009-02-17 mrwompy
Oh, man ... can my wife and I identify with this song! Did you sneak in and look at my garage before you wrote this song? (Or my living room, or my dining room, or ...) Great song!
2009-02-17 Insane Ian
Yeah, i can relate as well. When i was a kid, when it said "collect 'em all"on the back of the Masters of the Universe figures...that wasn't a suggestion to me. It was an order.

Great song, Luke!

2009-02-17 dement1a
Hee. You got me with the ending. I love it. Now go do something about all that stuff! :)
2009-02-17 TVsKyle
Ok, so I don't know when it'll happen, but I'm sure somewhere down the line, a Luke Ski cover album thing will come along. When that happens, I call this song. I think if I claim it this early in the game, I should be able to get it.
2009-02-17 voiceroy
saganath wrote: "Let's see: Oscar, Kermit, Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock!" You fail at directions. ;) Luke said "Jim Henson productions", not characters. They include: Sesame Street, The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, and Labyrinth. Great song, Luke. No wonder we got along so well when I met you at Dragon*Con last year: we're both collecting junkies.
2009-02-17 ladyomniscience
Thank you, Luke, for inspiring me to clean up some of my crap. It seems I suffer from the same syndrome.
2009-02-17 wildcard9
I am *so* guilty of this song!! Very well done!! One of your best new songs.
2009-02-17 devospice
I'm trying to GET RID OF a lot of my stuff as I too have too much stuff. Watch my LiveJournal for sales. :)
2009-02-18 Molakwae
Even now, I think of someone suffering from this... and contemplate what I call "constructive arson."
2009-02-19 madmanOTL
Looking in the basement while typing this, I feel the same way. Very accurate and well done song.
2009-02-19 Spaff.com
Nice job, Luke. I'm far to embarrassed to admit what I had to rent a storage unit for. Apart from the bodies, that is.
2009-02-21 Carrie Dahlby
It's all relative... you're a minimalist compared to me and Josh. Great job!
2009-02-23 seamonkey
I wasn't gonna leave a comment because there's, like, already so many and you just SANG about too much stuff, so I wasn't sure if I actually SHOULD tell you good job and all that, because it IS getting rather cluttered in here, and if I start gushing over Luke Ski then I might not stop because I can tend to ramble ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON to the point of utter annoyance and, honestly, a really really really really really really cluttered comment, which kind of defeats the PURPOSE of this song... so maybe I SHOULDN'T leave a comment... god, I'm so TORN... clutter Luke with praise or help him with his problem by NOT leaving a comment... Ohhhhhh! I can't decide!!! So I'm just going to push the Leave Comment butto
2009-03-12 Vladinatrix
I'm totally going to play this for this guy I know at work.
2009-03-29 maxgoof
Congrats on being #1 on DD Top Ten for the month of March!
2009-04-26 maxgoof
Congrats on being #2 on DD Top Ten for the month of April!
2009-05-14 artpaul
This reminds me of my poem: You Can Never Get Enough Stuff When Your Junk Picking by Art Paul Schlosser Well since we can all use a few more things/ Than we should all look for a few more things/ After all one person's junk is the next persons pearl worth a great price/ So since you can never get enough things we should build closets/ But since each house can only have so many closets we need to put things in rooms/ And since houses only have so many rooms we need more houses/ But properties only have enough room for 1 or 2 houses so maybe we need to buy a farm/ A farm is nice but once the mansion the size of a warehouse is built than you need guards to protect your stuff/ The guards will need living quarters so maybe it would be nice to own a country to put all your stuff and living quarters for everyone not to mention the companies you could start up to sell the things you find or other companies to fix the things that didn't work as good/ Well by now I'm thinking if we just bought the Planet maybe there would be enough room for all the stuff and the people involved/ But wouldn't it be nice if we could store some of the stuff on the moon or mars than we would have more room to put more stuff here/ Well maybe if we talk to God,He would sell us the Universe, do you think that would be enough room for all the stuff we could get ? Also I really love the Dr Phil idea and thought your song was quite funny.
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